African American Studies Program

The African American Studies (AAS) Program offers an underĀ­graduate interdisciplinary minor to students at Middle Tennessee State University. The program of study exposes students to the history and culture of African Americans in the United States and connects those experiences to the peoples of Africa, the Caribbean, and other parts of the Americas. Students who minor in AAS will take eighteen (18) credit hours of course work. This interdisciplinary program provides students with classes that examine race, class, gender, slavery, colonialism, and socio-political movements of blacks throughout the African diaspora. Additionally, the AAS minor allows students the opportunity to take classes in art, literature, music, theatre and dance, sociology, psychology, history, geography, political science, religion and philosophy. More importantly, the primary objective of AAS courses is to provide students an opportunity to examine the multidimensional, multicultural experiences of African Americans and their responses to the blending of an African heritage and American culture. A student who completes the AAS minor will have an enlarged perspective of the world and increased skills and marketability for careers in the fields of education, criminal justice, public history, social work, governmental departments and agencies, and in the private sector. The AAS minor will also provide basic foundational knowledge for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in African American Studies.