Alumni Newsletter

Military Science Alumni Chapter Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, Tennessee  Summer 2017

Greetings Military Science Alumni Chapter Members,

Another MTSU year has started!!  I hope all of you are doing well!!

I’m BG(R) David Ogg, Military Science Alumni Chapter (MSAC) President and on behalf of the MSAC Vice-President MAJ(R) Chuck Giles, the Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Garner, we trust you hada great summer and are looking forward to an exciting conclusion to 2017.

If this is your first MSAC newsletter, GREAT!!  We continue to work with the MTSU Advancement Office to update our records so you know what your MSAC, the Military Science Department, the University and mostly what our great Cadets are doing.

So on with the Updates and some requests!

MSAC’s Annual Meeting

This year's MSAC Annual Meeting will be held at the MTSU ROTC Building on November 4th, at 1230 hrs (12:30 p.m.) for a "Meet and Greet" with the official meeting starting at 1245 hrs (12:45 p.m.) and ending no later than 1400 (2:00 p.m.).

We had twenty-five alumni in attendance at last year's meeting and we look forward to that many again...or even more.  Thanks to all those that attended.  Some of the agenda items for this year's annual meeting will be:

  • Election of New MSAC Board - This is an Election year.  I plan to run for President again.  The Vice President office is open.  Nancy plans to run for Secretary/Treasurer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         If you want to be nominated or nominate someone for any office please make it known to me ( and we'll present all names to the members at the meeting for consideration.  Thank you!
  • MSAC Hall of Fame Nominations:  We have eleven nominations for the MSAC Hall of Fame.  With that I believe some background is in order about these nominations.
    • On November 4, 2017, MTSU President Dr. Sidney McPhee, will honor all sixteen Military Science/ROTC Alumni General Officers at a Recognition Ceremony and luncheon to be held on the MTSU campus.  This ceremony will highlight the success of each General as an alumnus but also as a veteran.  Earlier this summer Dr. McPhee asked me as the MSAC President and LTG(R) Keith Huber, MTSU's Senior Advisor for Veterans and Leadership Initiatives to plan this Recognition ceremony.  LTG(R) Huber and I have agreed on two displays:  one in the Military Science/ROTC Department and the other in the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center.  The ROTC building display will house the individual 8x10 military official photos of each general.  The Veteran Center display will be a by-name and MTSU class "name tag" plaque for each general.  Both displays will be unveiled at the Recognition Ceremony.  Should a ROTC graduate/Alumni obtain the rank of "general" in the future (i.e., Brigadier General), their official photo will be immediately added to this general officer display board.
    • It's because of this all-encompassing "recognition" that the nomination of the remaining seven generals (see enclosed list) into the ROTC Hall of Fame is submitted.  Currently we have nine alumni generals in the Hall of Fame.  As part of this nomination it will also be approved that future Alumni obtaining the rank of "general" (i.e., Brigadier General) will immedaitely be added to the rolls of the Hall of Fame.
    • The current MTSU ROTC Hall of Fame display board will remain in place and honor those MSAC members previously selected or selected in the future, other than generals.
    • It should also be noted that all Hall of Fame selectees must always be in good standing with the values, ethics and conduct of the MSAC.  Failure to maintain these standards would result in immediate removel of their picture from the display and from the Hall of Fame rolls.
  • MSAC Funds Update:  The Annual/Budget Expense Report and the three funding accounts will be presented.  Information on each funding account is provided below.  Remember, all donations are 100% tax deductible.
    • MSAC Alumni Capstone Fund:  This is a general purpose fund used to support the priorities of the Military Science Department.  This fund is under the direction and control of the Dean of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences with recommendations from the Military Science Department Chair and the president of the Military Science Alumni Chapter.  Form of contributions are donations from the MSAC, friends of the university, and others who wish to support the general needs of the Military Science Cadet Corps, Department and MTSU.  As mentioned the MSAC membership through the MSAC President has direct input into the use of these donations.  This is the first general purpose fund account that allows us to influence its use.  Also, I would ask that you consider shifting your donations from the already substantial ROTC Alumni Scholarship account to this new Capstone account.  If the scholarship mission increases then we'll get back with you but for now we believe we've reached our scholarship goal.
    • ROTC Alumni Scholarship:  This account is controlled by MTSU and influened by the PMS.  Your generous donations will fund four ROTC Alumni Scholarships for the academic school year (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018).  Last year we funded two Cadets.  At this time this account has over $145K in principle and interest.  This amount is amazing and more than enough to support the ROTC Department's desire to provide scholarships to deserving Cadets.  The PMS has been asked to look at the account's interest amount and begin to distribute some funds in smaller amounts (i.e., $500) to desiring Cadets.  This may be a windfall for some Cadets and is a credit to our membership for their generous contributions.
    • Alumni General Officer Award:  These funds, controlled by MTSU and influenced by the PMS, are donated by the 14 currently living Alumni General Officers (total Alumni Generals 16).  The funds are specifically directed for the purchase of an Officer/Military Dress Saber for presentation each year to the new MTSU Cadet Battalion Commander.  The MSAC President will reach out to the Generals should funds be required and to new Generals as they are selected.
  • MSAC Membership DuesRemember to send in your membership dues.  Contact Nancy Garner at to submit.
    The current dues system is:  Lifetime Membership (scaled by age) 40-under: $350; 41- 50: $300; 51-60: $250; 61-70: $150; 71-80: $125; 80-above: $100; OR Yearly Membership: Gold Hooah: $80; Silver Trooper: $40; Bronze Raider: $20.

Salute to Veterans and Armed Services Day and MTSU football game:

     Again, this year, the MSAC Annual meeting will be in conjunction with the MTSU's "Salute to Veterans and Armed Services Day" and MT football game.  Current Times/Activities are:

  • 12:30 p.m.:  MSAC Annual Meeting (Forrest Hall
  • 2:30 p.m.:    Memorial Service (Tom Jackson Building)
  • 4:00 p.m.:    Pregame Picnic (Kennon Sports Athletics Hall of Fame front lawn)
  • 4:15 p.m.:    Special Salute at Raider Walk
  • 5:00 p.m.:    Veterans Village Opens (AMG Lawn)
  • 5:00 p.m.:    Dr. Joe Nunley Award Presentation (Kennon Sports Athletics Hall of Fame front lawn)
  • 6:30 p.m.:    MTSU vs. University of Texas--El Paso Kickoff

     NEW ITEM/FIRST TIME:  MTSU ROTC Alumni Acknowledgement.  With 12-10 minutes remaining on the 1st Quarter game clock ALL MTSU ROTC ALUMNI are requested to meet in the NW tunnel of Floyd Stadium.  At the first time out after the 10 minute mark we will walk onto the football field (stand on the nearest 20 yard line number).  We'll then be announced/recognized to the audience.  After, we'll be released to go back to our seats.  Pretty COOL!!

     HALFTIME:  Veteran's Salute:  All Vets walk across the football field.  Alumni General Officers lead the Vets across mid-field.

Military Science Department Activities and Support

  • Fall FTX:  October 20-22, 2017
  • Salute to Veteran's Day support:  November 4, 2017
  • Joint FTX with Tennessee Tech and Vanderbilt:  March 30 - April 1, 2018
  • The MS Department's Annual Award Ceremonies:  Fall - November 28, 2017 and Spring - April 24, 2018
  • The MS Department's Commissioning Ceremonies:  December 15, 2017 and May 4, 2018 

MTSU ROTC Alumni Link & Information


Again, thank you for all your support to the MSAC and the Military Science/ROTC Cadets and the cadre.

See you on the objective!!!


R. David Ogg, Jr.
MSAC President
BG, USA (Retired)
Class ’78

Chuck Giles
MSAC Vice-President
MAJ, USA (Retired)
Class ’76

Nancy Garner
MSAC Secretary/Treasurer

 2017 General Officer Nominees:

1969 - Retired                    BG(R) James P. O'Neal

1974 - Retired                    MG(R) James R. Myles

1976 - Retired                    BG(R) Stanley H. Lillie

1976 - Retired                    LTG(R) William N. Phillips

1978 - Retired                    BG(R) Terry A. Ethridge

1979 - Active (TN AG)        MG Terry "Max" Haston

1983 - Retired                    BG(R) James "Bart" Burton

Current Hall of Fame Generals:

1951 - Retired                    BG(R) Patrick W. Harrison

1954 - DECEASED              BG(R) Kenneth E. Wallace

1955 - DECEASED              BG(R) Edward N. Fletcher

1956 - Retired                    LTG(R) George R. Stotser

1959 - DECEASED              BG(R) Noah D. Daniel

1959 - Retired                    MG(R) Charles R. Henry

1960 - Retired                    LTG(R) Horace G. Taylor

1973 - Retired                    BG(R) Leslie L. Fuller

1978 - Retired                    BG(R) R. David Ogg, Jr.