TAG Glass Gallery

Spring Semester 2018 - Exhibition Dates

Solo/Small Group Experimental/Critique Space


Semester Week One–Week Three: January 16–February 1

Nick Satinover/Printmaking students

Week Four: February 5–7

Candace Yancey - Mind Your Matter

Week Five: February 12–15

Iska Frosh - Repeat Offenders

Week Six and Seven: February 19–March 2

Jessica Chen and Angela Zhou 

Week Eight March 5–10

Spring Break–No classes*

Week Nine March 12–14

Steven Foutch–Print Media, Drawing, and Installation Visiting Artist

Week Ten March 17–23

Laura Cochrane–Modern Medieval Art History

Week Eleven Part One March 26–28

Laura Cochrane–Modern Medieval Art History

Week Eleven Part Two March 29–30

Sheri Selph–Outlet: A Video and Performance Event

Week Twelve April 2–6

Exhibit Transistion Week

Week Thirteen April 9–13:

Studio Art B.F.A. Candidates Exhibit

Week Fourteen April 16–20

Exhibit transition week

Week Fifteen April 24–28:

Graphic Design B.F.A. Candiates Exhibit

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