College of Basic and Applied Sciences Committees

Curriculum Committee - Term January 2014 through August 2015

This committee shall have primary responsibility for the curriculum of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences. In this regard, the Committee shall review: 1) all aspects of the educational program of the College; review and approve proposals for earned degrees to be offered and the requirements for them; 2) review and approve all departmental, general educational, and interdisciplinary courses offered by the College; 3) and formulate and review other academic policies and procedures.  

Dr. Jessica Carter (ABAS) - Chair
Meeting Schedule 
Dr. Chong Chen - (ET)
Dr. Terry Dorris - (Aero)
Dr. Lisa Green - (Math)
Dr. Clay Harris - (Geos)
Dr. Ron Henderson - (Physics)
Dean and Associate Dean
Dr. Terry Lee - (Chem)
LTC Joel Miller - (MS)
Dr. Dennis Mullen - (Bio)
Dr. Medha Sarkar - (CS)
Dr. Zhifu Yang - (CIM)
Ad Hoc Members
2-9-2015   - Minutes
3-16-2015 - Minutes
4-8-2015   - Minutes
 2-24-2014 - Minutes
 3-26-2014 - Minutes
 4-23-2014 - Minutes
 8-29-2014 - Minutes
 9-25-2014 - Minutes
10-21-2014 - Minutes
12-09-2014 - Minutes


Retention Committee -  (3-year term)

The Retention Committee shall 1) propose ways to improve and maintain the quality of academic advising in the College and the University in consultation with faculty and department officials; 2) identify educational issues and needs related to the retention of students generally or specific student populations 3) make recommendations regarding possible response options to the issues and 4) organize programs and events that would improve student connections to the college, departments, and faculty. 

Dr. Rhonda Hoffman (ABAS) - Chair 

Dr. Vishwas Bedekar - (ET) 
Dr. Ron Ferrara - (Aero)
Dr. Chuck Higgins - (Physics)
Dr. Nancy McCormick - (Math)
Dr. Kim Sadler - (Bio)
Ms. Mimi Thomas
Ms. Jennifer Danylo
Ms. Suzanna Wassom

1-year term
2-year term
3-year term
2-year term
1-year term
Ad Hoc Member
Ad Hoc Member
Ad Hoc Member

Research Committee -  (3-year term)

The Research Committee shall 1) recommend policies and programs which promote and facilitate research and scholarship in the College 2) work with ORS to identify, recommend and facilitate procedural changes that would streamline the grant submission and administrative processes 3) recommend policy and programs which promote and facilitate research and grant participation in the college 4) develop strategies for strengthening the graduate programs and 5) nominate CBAS candidates for the Distinguished Research Award. 

Dr. Bill Stewart (BIO) - Chair
 Research Videos 

Dr. Wendy Beckman - (Aero)
Dr. Kevin Bicker - (Chem)
Dr. Bill Robertson - (Physics)
Dr. Holly Spooner - (ABAS)
Dr. Xiaoya Zha - (Math)
Ms. Rose Johnson

1-year term
2-year term
2-year term
3-year term
1-year term
Ad Hoc Member

Fall 2014 Research 
Spring 2015 Research


Awards Committee - (3-year term)

The Awards Committee shall:  1) determine awards to be presented by CBAS, 2) develop and establish the criteria for each award, 3) formulate and publicize an annual agenda and calendar for the awards process, 4) seek nominations throughout the college community, 5). develop and distribute supporting nomination documents, 6) select finalists based upon the selection criteria, 7) forward award finalists to the CBAS Dean, and 8) continuously review and realign selection criteria as appropriate
Dr. Martin Stewart (Chem) - Chair
Meeting Schedule 
Mr. Ayaz Ahmed - (CIM)
Dr. Jeremy Aber - (Geos)
Mr. Tyler Babb - (Aero)
Dr. Song Cui - (ABAS)
Ms. Jennifer Danylo
Mrs. Marlene Lawson
Dr. Mary Martin - (Math)
Dr. Erin E. McClelland - (Bio)
Dr. Joshua L. Phillips  - (CS)
Dr. Sid Sridhara - (ET)
2-year term
2-year term
2-year term
1-year term
1-year term
1-year term
1-year term
2- year term
2-years term
1- year term
 2-13-2015 - Minutes
 3-20-2015 - Minutes
 4-03-2015 - Minutes