CBHS Research Lunch Series

Spring 2018

Friday, February 2, 2018 - 1:00 pm - CKNB N116

Beauty of Scenes and Patterns: A Psychological Perspective
Dr. Alexander Bies, Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Friday, February 16, 2018 - 1:00 pm - CKNB N116

Health Status, Religious Involvement, & Social Connectedness Among African-American Women 
Dr. Chandra R. Story, Associate Professor
Department of Health and Human Performance

Friday, March 30, 2018 - 1:00 pm - CKNB N116

Building Community-Based Partnerships to Create a Healthier Tennessee
Ms. Cynthia Chafin, Interim Director, Project Director, and Consultant
MTSU Center for Health and Human Services

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 1:00 pm - CKNB N116

A Quantitative Measure of Fruit and Vegetable Intake Using a BioPhotonic Scanner
Dr. Elizabeth A. Smith, Assistant Professor
Department of Human Sciences



Fall 2017

"Grants 101 - Lessons from the Trenches"
Dr. Don Morgan, Department of Health and Human Performance
“Development of Community-Based Menopause Workshops for Women in the Upper Cumberland Region of Tennessee”
Dr. Barbara Lancaster, School of Nursing 

"Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Training in Pre-Frail and Frail Skilled Nursing Home Residents"

Mr. Brandon Grubbs, Department of Health and Human Performance
"The Domestic Arts: Floristry, Corsetry and Quilting"

Ms. Deborah Belcher, Dr. Gina Pisut, Dr. Lauren Rudd, Department of Human Sciences



 Spring 2017

"Natural Resource Tourism, Tourism Behaviors, and Technology"
Dr. I-Chun (Nicky) Wu, Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance
 "Exploring the Role of Relationships in Successful Applied Research"
Dr. Michael Sherr, Professor and Chair, Department of Social Work
 "Metal Thieves and Scrappers: An Ethnographic Study"
Dr. Ben Stickle, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice Administration

Fall 2016

 “Citizens’ fear of crime, crime concerns, and actual levels of crime – do they match?”
Elizabeth Quinn, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice Administration
 "How ACEs Stack the Deck: The Role of Adverse Childhood Events on Health Outcomes in Youth"
Audrey Sherrer, Community Relations Director
Jennifer Martin, Lead Parent and Community Educator
The Family Center, Rutherford County
 "Writing Successful Grant Proposals: Lessons Learned"
Don Morgan, Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance

 Spring 2016

 "The Nashville Fashion Alliance: More Than Just Fashion"
Ms. Van Tucker, CEO, Nashville Fashion Alliance
"Primary Prevention: How the Tennessee Department of Health is Using Physical Activity to Move the Needle on Chronic Disease in Tennessee"
Ms. Leslie Meehan, Assistant Director, Office of Primary Prevention

Office of the Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Health
 "Pedagogical Practices: Expanding the Range of Developmental Health to Grades K-12"
Dr. Gloria Hamilton, Department of Psychology
"Understanding the Response of Individuals with Dyslexia to Intensive Reading Instruction"
Dr. Timothy Odegard, Murfree Chair of Excellence in Dyslexic Studies

 Fall 2015

 “Police Use of Social Media and Trends in Sentencing: Eclectic Research in Criminal Justice”
Dr. Joshua Harms, Criminal Justice Administration

“Mobile Education to Support Sustainable Living”
Ms. Jennifer Westerholm, Executive Director, Urban Green Lab, Nashville TN
“Educational Success of Middle Tennessee Refugee and Immigrant Youths”
Dr. Denise Bates, Health and Human Performance

Dr. Laura Clark, Educational Leadership
Dr. Claire Cook, Human Sciences
Dr. Ida Fadzillah, Sociology and Anthropology

Spring 2015

 “The Center for Health and Human Services: Improving the Health and Well-Being of Tennesseans”  
Dr. Jo Edwards, Adams Chair of Excellence in Health Care Services & Director, Center for Health and Human Services    

“The Role of the YMCA in Creating Healthy People and Communities  in Tennessee: Opportunities for Partnership with MTSU”
Ted Cornelius, Vice President of Health Innovation, YMCA of Middle Tennessee    

“The  College of Behavioral & Health Sciences-City Schools Project”  
Dr. Beth Emery, Professor, Department of Human Sciences
Dr. Claire Cook, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Sciences
Ms. Angela Pharris, Instructor, Department of Social Work
Ms. Tonya Hobbs, Murfreesboro City Schools

Fall 2014

 "Making and Measuring Progress on Health, Equity, and Transportation in Middle Tennessee”   
Rochelle Carpenter, Senior Policy Analyst, Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization
"Using Geospatial Technologies in Public Health and Physical Activity Research” 
Dr. Pat Boda, Department of Geosciences
Dr. Brian Ragan, Department of Health and Human Performance
"Towards a Better Understanding of Parenting Efforts: The Importance of Coparenting Relationships” 
Dr. Claire Cook, Department of Human Sciences

 Spring 2014

 "Becoming a Better Mentor to Your Students"
Dr. Don Morgan, Health and Human Performance 
"3-D Body Scanning:  Current and Future Research Opportunities"
Dr. Rick Cottle, Human Sciences
"Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Understanding How Resource Theory is Critical to Integration for Refugees in the United States"
Dr. Denise Bates, Health and Human Performance
"Language, Music and Rhythm"
Dr. Cyrille Magne, Psychology

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