MTSU Chemistry Actively Publishes Cutting-Edge Research

 Faculty Awards    Many of the faculty in the Department of Chemistry at MTSU, along with the students in their research labs, have published research findings recently.  Several publications have come from the department’s computational chemists, including the development of the 3D Hyperwall by Drs. MacDougall and Volkov.  Dr. Jing Kong has had four publications in the last year, detailing new methods for density functional approximation, strongly correlated model systems, a new algorithm for exchange energy density, and improving the computation of quantum chemistry integrals.

     Two faculty have published in the area of medicinal chemistry, including antimicrobial peptoid research by Dr. Kevin Bicker and two papers highlighting the antifungal activity and cytokine suppressing properties of aurones by Dr. Scott Handy.  Dr. Handy has also published an article describing the improved synthesis of aurones in deep eutectic solvents.  Along the lines of synthesis, Dr. Keying Ding has recently published an article highlighting her group’s efforts into developing nickel catalysts to decarbonylate aromatic aldehydes

    The materials chemistry group has also been active, with Dr. Greg Van Patten publishing work into the production of nanocrystals via cation exchange.  Dr. Charles Chusuei has published several papers in the last few months, detailing the synthesis and rheological analysis of carbon dot gels, as well as his efforts to improve the water solubility of nanoparticles

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