Organizational Communication Alumni

Keep in touch with happenings at MTSU, with your favorite professors, and with your friends!

Create an account on LinkedIn and then join the group named: Past and Present Organizational Communication Majors and Faculty at MTSU. Create your professional profile to stay connected to your peers, professors, IABC and ORCO alumni.

ORCO is also on Facebook. Look for OrCo at MTSU and link your social profile to our ORCO facebook group to be in the loop for notices about events, projects, internships, and more!

ORCO is on YouTube! Watch this video, which was done by recent graduate Lindsey Rose.

Talk to high school and college students that you know, and tell them how great the ORCO major is. Recruit them into this major!

Contact one of your favorite professors, and ask to be a guest speaker in a class. Students want to hear about your real world experiences and get some good advice.

Attend Homecoming and other events on campus, and let your favorite professors know that you will be there.

When you receive a call or email from MTSU asking for money, say you want your dollars to go to Organizational Communication. We will make sure current students benefit from your gift.

Communication Studies Alumni

Contact your favorite professors and volunteer to be a speaker in their classes. Tell students about your job and how Communication Studies helped you with skills required in everyday life and in every type of job.

Recruit high school and college students into Communication Studies.

Volunteer to help at debate tournaments on campus. Contact Dr. Pat Richey, for more information.

Keep in touch! Email Dr. Xiaowei Shi,, and ask to be put on the email list for the Com Studies newsletter so you will know what’s going on.

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