Admission to Teacher Education Program (ATE)

Students who wish to prepare themselves for careers as teachers must make formal application for admission to the teacher education program. To be formally admitted to the teacher education program, candidates must

  1. Complete the admission application (see below)
  2. Have acceptable scores on the ACT, SAT, or the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Tests as set by the Tennessee State Board of Education
  3. Complete at least 45 semester hours with at least 6 semester hours at MTSU
  4. Achieve an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.75; (Grades earned in basic, learning support, and university studies courses are not used in computation of the required average.)
  5. Have favorable professional interviews (3)
  6. Have disciplinary clearance from MTSU Office of Student Conduct
  7. Undergo background/fingerprinting check

Students who transfer to MTSU after the completion of their sophomore year, or with more than 45 semester hours of credit, must make application during their first semester of residence.

  • Students will not be able to register for or obtain permits for any upper division classes until they are fully admitted to the Teacher Education Program. A Pre-Req/Test code error will be given during registration to those who have not been fully admitted. 

Application for Admission to Teacher Education Program (ATE)

Students applying for the October ATE admission will need to send an email to Quinton Goodman at In the subject line of the email, indicate that you are applying for the October ATE Admission. Mr. Goodman will email students the appropriate application materials. The application must be completed and emailed back to Mr. Goodman by the deadline listed below.

 Deadlines extended temporarily: See below


ATE October Admission - Application Deadline is October 9, 2016

Residency I and II -  Application Deadline is October 9, 2016

Timeline for Submission of ATE Application

Spring Semester October 4 and December 4
Summer Semester March 4 and May 4
Fall Semester August 4

 To be eligible for priority registration, students should apply no later than March 4 for Fall semester and October 4 for Spring semester.