EXL Courses

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Course Number Name of EXL Course Instructor
ABAS 1610 Elements of Plant Science Song Cui
ABAS 2210 Introduction to Agricultural Engineering Song Cui
ABAS 2500 Wine Appreciation Tony Johnston
ABAS 3200 International Wine Industry Tony Johnston
ABAS 3370  Soil Analysis Warren Anderson
ABAS 3470 Beef Cattle Production Jessica Carter
ABAS 3480 Swine Production Jessica Carter
ABAS 3660 Vegetable Gardening Nate Phillips
ABAS 4115 Agritourism Alanna Vaught
ABAS 4130 Agricultrual Price Analysis and Price Management Justin Gardner
ABAS 4140 Economics of Agribusiness Management Justin Gardner
ABAS 4160 Agricultural Cooperatives Justin Gardner
ABAS 4170 Equine Industry Holly Spooner
ABAS 4190 International Agriculture Tony Johnston
ABAS 4370 Soil and Water Conservation Warren Anderson
ABAS 4410 Animal Nutrition and Feeding Kevin Downs
ABAS 4440 Equine Nutrition and Feeding Rhonda Hoffman
ABAS 4550 Equine Exercise Physiology Holly Spooner
ADV 3520 Special Topic in Professional Issues Hanna Park/Kent Syler
ADV 4970 Advertising Campaigns John Bodle/Tricia Farwell
AERO 1020 Theory of Flight Tyler Babb/Mark Callender
AERO 3440 Fundamentals of Aerodynamics Mark Callender
AERO 4100/5100 Airline Management Gerald Hill
AERO 4440 Aircraft Performance Mark Callender
ANTH 3650 Forensic Anthropology Hugh Berryman
ANTH 3660 Forensic Sciences Hugh Berryman
ANTH 3710 Topics in Anthropology: Forensic Skeletal Search and Recovery Hugh Berryman
ANTH 4120 Practicing Anthropology Ida Leggett
ANTH 4300 Human Osteology Shannon Hodge
ART 3500 Study Abroad- Studio K. O'Connell/D. Sickler-Voigt
ART 3840 Islamic Art Laura Cochrane
ATHC 4000 Strength, Conditioning, and Human Performance Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
ATHT 3000 Clinical A in Athletic Training: Protective Equipment Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
ATHT 3001 Clinical B in Athletic Training: Lower Extremity Evaluation Lab Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
ATHT 3002 Clinical C in Athletic Training: Upper Extremity Evaluation Lab Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
ATHT 3003 Clinical D in Athletic Training: Rehabilitation Techniques Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
ATHT 4000 Strength, Conditioning, and Human Performance  Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
ATHT 4950 Pathology of Sport Illness and Consideration of Special Populations Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
ATHT 4990 Senior Seminar in Athletic Training Helen Binkley/Kristi Phillips
BCED 4300 Professional Meeting, Event, Exhibition, and Convention Management Virginia Hemby-Grubb
BIOL 1030/1031 Exploring Life Kim Sadler
BIOL 3200 Internship in Biology Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann
BIOL 3400 General Ecology- Honors TBA
BIOL 4430 Diagnostic Microbiology Mary Farone
BIOL 4460 Human Genetics Rebecca Seipelt-Thiemann
BLAW 3400 Legal Environment of Business Sandra Benson
BUAD 4000 Senior Seminar Jean Wilson
BUAD 4980 Strategic Management- Honors John Lipinski
CDFS 3390 Child Development and Family Stuides Professional Seminar Beth Emery
CDFS 4340 The Contemporary Family Rebecca Seul
CDFS 4391/5391 Aging Health and Development Stephanie Bush
CDFS 4270 Family Centered Community Building II S. Bush/B. Emery/C. Cook
CDIS 4650 Practicum in Speech-Language Building II Melinda Richards
CHEM 1030 Chemistry for Consumers Patricia Patterson
CHEM 3890 Chemistry Instruction Internship John DiVincenzo
CHEM 4230/6230 Instrumental Analysis  Ngee Sing Chong
CHEM 4231/6231 Instrumental Analysis Lab Ngee Sing Chong
CIM 4700 Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturing and Repair Ayaz Amed
COED 2930 Cooperative Education All Faculty
COED 2940 Cooperative Education All Faculty
COED 3970 Cooperative Education All Faculty
COED 3980 Cooperative Education  All Faculty
COMM 2200 Fundamentals of Communication S. Decker/M. Homan/B. Hoppe/M. Johnson/L. Kissinger/J. McCormick/K. Naylor/L. Stephens
COMM 2300 Interpersonal Communication M. Asbury/K. Lynch/L. Seward/X. Shi/E. Stephens
COMM 3050 Listening Janet McCormick
COMM 3210 Argumentation and Debate Patrick Richey
COMM 3220 Small Group Communication M. Asbury/K. Gruber/Y. Kim/J. Jackson/J. McCormick/E. Stephens
COMM 3225 Gender Communication M. Asbury/J. McCormick/L/ Stephens
COMM 3340 Interview Communication M. Asbury/K. Gebert/J. McCormick/E. Stephens/P. Vincent
COMM 3350 Diversity in Communication Yang Soo Kim
COMM 3560 Intercultural Communication Y. Kim/J. McCormick/L. Seward/E. Stephens
COMM 4320 Theories of Persuasive Communication Linda Seward
COMM 4800 Topics in Communication Studies Janet McCormick/Xiaowei Shi
COMM 4900 Internship in Communication Studies M. Asbury/K. Gebert/J. McCormick/D. Raffo
CSCI 4910 Computer Science Internship Chrisila Pettey
ECE 4100 Residency I: Early Childhood Education Cheryl Hitchcock/Robyn Ridgley
ECE 4110 Residency II: Grades Prek-3 All Faculty
ECE 4300 Preschool Practicum Jackie Hamilton/Robyn Ridgley
ECE 4360/5360 Administering Early Childhood Programs Seok Jeng Jane Lim
ECE 4375 Literacy in Early Childhood  C. Hitchcock/R. Ridgley/A. Witt
ECE 4380 Infant and Toddler Practicum Jane Seok Jeng Lim
ELED 4340 Managing Learning Environments Terri Tharp
ELED 4410 Effective Instruction: Integrating Social Studies and Assessment Suzette Gilbert
EMC 3070 Introduction to Social Media Practice Todd O'Neill
EMC 3120 Sight, Sound, and Motion-Honors Marc Barr
EMC 3210 New Media Video Applications Todd O'Neill
EMC 3410 Electronic Media News Writing Roger Heinrich/Jennifer Woodard
EMC 3500 Electronic Media News Reporting and Producing Robert Jasso
EMC 3740 Advanced Electronic Media News Reporting and Producing All Faculty
EMC 4460 New Media Capstone Todd O'Neill
EMC 4800 Seminar in Media Issues Stephanie Hendrick/Clare Bratten
EMC 4820 Race, Gender, and Class in Media Jennifer Woodard
ENGL 1010 Expository Writing Laura Dubek/Adam McInturff
ENGL 1020 Research and Argumentative Writing  Laura Dubek
ENGL 2550 Introduction to Peer Tutoring in Writing: Theory and Methods Catheine Chaptman
ENGL 4600 Writing Internship Rebecca King
ENGR 2100 Introduction to Engineering Design  Ahad Nasab
ENGR 3550 Fluid Mechanics Ahad Nasab
ENTR 4620 Business Plan Development Patrick Geho
ET 3260 Manufacturing Processes and Materials Cliff Welborn
EXL 2020 Leadership Studies Practicum Deanna Raffo/Jacqueline Victory
EXL 3020 Leadership Studies Practicum Danny Kelly/Deana Raffo
EXL 3030 Civic Engagement Practicum Mary Evins
EXL 4000 Experiential Learning Seminar  Carol Swayze
FCSE 2510 Family and Consumer Sciences Education Curriculum Sandra Poirier
FCSH 4230/4231 Instrumental Analysis in Forensic Science/Lab Ngee Sing Chong
FIN 4890 Internship in Finance All Faculty 
FIN 4900 TVA Investment Challenge All Faculty
FIN 4990 Independent Study in Finance All Faculty
FOED 2110 Educational Psychology All Faculty
GEOG 4360 Cultural Geography James Chaney
GS 2010 Introduction to Cross-Cultural Experiences C. Perkins/J. Phalichanh/A. Vasquez
GS 3000 Globalization Corey Perkins
GS 3010 Field Experience and Study Abroad All Faculty
GS 3040 Contemporary Migration: Global Trends, Local Implications Antonio Vasquez
GS 3050 Globalization through Film Corey Perkins
HIST 1110 Survey World Civilization I- Honors Dawn McCormack
HIST 2020 Survey of United States History II S. Myers-Shirk/M. Norkunas/A. Sayward
HIST 3070 Topics in World History: Reacting to the Past Dawn McCormack
HIST 3070 Topics in World History: Warfare and Public Memory Derek Frisby
HIST 4360 Britain in the 19th Century  Mark Doyle
HIST 4361 Cultural Geography James Chaney
HIST 4870 Field Course in Historical Archaeology Kathryn Sikes
HIST 6720/7220 Field Methods in Public Archaeology Kathryn Sikes
HLTH 3000 Service Learning in Health Education D. Bates/C. Higginbotham/B. Oliver
HLTH 4990 Internship All Faculty
HSC 1010 Career Orientation All Faculty
HSC 4053 Advanced Problems in Human Sciences: TXMD Study Abroad All Faculty
HSC 4101 Internship: Child Development and Family Studies All Faculty
IDES 4760 Contract Design I All Faculty
IDES 4770 Contract Design II All Faculty
IDES 4780 Interior Design Portfolio All Faculty
JOUR 3520 Special Topics in Professional Issues Hanna Park/Kent Syler
JOUR 3530 Feature Writing Leon Alligood
JOUR 3580 MC Practicum Tricia Farwell
JOUR 4000 MC Internship Tricia Farwell
JOUR 4800 Seminar in Media Issues: Advertisting and Communication and Modern Politics Clare Bratten/Kent Syler
LEAD 3010 Leadership Theories and Practices Deana Raffo
LEAD 4001 Seminar in Leadership Studies Deana Raffo
LSTS 3010 Introduction to Leisure, Sport, and Tourism Studies All Faculty
LSTS 3380 Disabilities and Diversity in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 3530 Program Planning in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 3540 Facility Operations in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 3560 Field Study in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 3570 Outdoor Pursuits Education All Faculty
LSTS 4540 Organization and Administration of Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 4550 Business Applications in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 4570 Outdoor Recreation Workshop All Faculty
LSTS 4660 Evaluation of Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 4700 Challenge Course Facilitation All Faculty
LSTS 4890 Senior Seminar in Leisure, Sport, and Tourism All Faculty
LSTS 4901 Internship in Outdoor Recreation All Faculty
LSTS 4902 Internship in Recreation Administration All Faculty
LSTS 4903 Internship in Sport Studies All Faculty
LSTS 4904 Internship in Tourism Studies All Faculty
MGMT 3610 Principles of Management  Jackie Gilbert
MGMT 3890 Managerial Decision Making Ralph Williams/Jean Wilson
MGMT 3940 Business Ethics Jill Austin
MGMT 4840 Study Abroad Jill Austin
MGMT 4950 Management Internship All Faculty
MKT 3840 Professional Selling L. Buckner/D. Edmondson/K. Kemp/L. Matthews
MKT 3850 Promotion A. Allgood/L. Buckner/L. Matthews/M. Phillips/D. Roy
MKT 3865 Sports Marketing Don Roy
MKT 3920 Entertainment Marketing  Melodie Phillips
MKT 3930 Marketing Research Diane Edmondson/Timothy Graeff
MKT 4170 Applied Promotional Strategy Melodie Phillips
MKT 4800 Sales Management Diane Edmondson
MKT 4840 Study Abroad Jill Austin
MKT 4890 Marketing Management William Randy Clark/Diane Edmondson
MKT 4950 Marketing Internship All Faculty
NFS 3280 Sports Nutrition Lisa Sheehan-Smith
NFS 4220 Food Systems Management Lisa Sheehan-Smith
NFS 4222 Dietetics Management Lisa Sheehan-Smith
NFS 4300 Medical Nutrition Therapy I Virginia Bogle
NFS 4305 Nutrition Coaching and Counseling Skills Virginia Bogle
NFS 4310 Medical Nutrition Therapy II Virginia Bogle
NURS 3360 Introduction to Nursing Practice- Clinical All Faculty
NURS 3540 Caring for Adult Clients I- Clinical All Faculty
NURS 3560 Caring the the Childbearing Family- Clinical All Faculty
NURS 3580 Health and Gerontology All Faculty
NURS 4340 Caring for Adults II- Clinical All Faculty
NURS 4560 Community and Mental Health Clinical All Faculy 
NURS 4580 Professional Practice and Leadership Clinical All Faculty
NURS 4585 Caring for Children and Teen Clients All Faculty
NURS 4586 Caring for Children and Teen Clients- Clinical All Faculty
NURS 4590 Capstone Clinical All Faculty
ORCO 3050 Listening Janet McCormick
ORCO 3240 Introduction to Organizational Communication M. Asbury/D. Boyd/E. Dalton/A. Dix/V. Donnell/K. Gebert/S. Smith/E. Stephens
ORCO 3245 Women, Leadership, and Communication Bethany Hoppe/Janet McCormick
ORCO 3250 Organizational Communication in Communities D. Boyd/E. Dalton/L. Kissinger/S. Smith
ORCO 3340 Interview Communication J. McCormick/D. Priddis/E. Stephens/P. Vincent
ORCO 3500 Strategic Communication in Organization M. Asbury/A. Dix/V. Donnell/K. Gebert/J. McCormick/X. Shi/E. Stephens
ORCO 3650 Conflict and Communication K. Gebert/D. Priddis/S. Smith/L. Stephens
ORCO 3750 Organizational Communication Analysis M. Asbury/A. Dix/D. Priddis/X. Shi/S. Smith
ORCO 4000 Topics in Organizational Communication M. Asbury/J. McCormick
ORCO 4200 Multinational Organizations Y. Kim/J. McCormick
ORCO 4210 Applied Organiztional Projects M. Asbury/A. Dix/J. McCormick/X. Shi/S. Smith
ORCO 4220 Internship in Organizational Communication M. Asbury/D. Raffo/S. Smith
ORCO 4500 Senior Capstone in Organizational Communication Janet McCormick/Sharon Smith
PR 3360 Public Relations Communication Sharon Fitzgerald
PR 3400 Case Studies in Public Relations Cary Ann Greenwood/Hannah Park
PR 350 Special Topics in Professional Issues Hanna Park
PR 4740 Public Relations Campaigns Cary Greenwood
PRST 3030 Senior Career Development Seminar Dianna Rust 
PS 1005 Introduction to American Politics Kent Syler
PS 2100 Legal Courtroom Procedure All Faculty
PS 2120 Mediation Procedure All Faculty
PS 2130 Model United Nations and Crisis Simulation All Faculty
PS 2140 Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature All Faculty
PS 3170 Civil Rights Policy and Politics Sekou Franklin
PS 3330 Political Parties Lisa Langenbach
PS 3340 Political Campaign Management Kent Syler
PS 3490 Alternative Dispute Resolution All Faculty
PS 3550 Demoncratic Participaton and Civic Advocacy Sekou Franklin
PS 3780 Study Abroad  All Faculty
PS 4040 Pre-Law Internship All Faculty
PS 4270 Political Campaign Internship All Faculty
PS 4280 The Washington Experience All Faculty
PS 4290 Public Service Internship All Faculty
PS 4360 Legislative Internship All Faculty
PS 4390 Special Topics in Political Science Sekou Franklin
PS 4800 Senior Seminar John Maynor
PS 4820 Advanced Studies in American Politics: Advertising and Communication in Modern Amderican Politics Kent Syler
PS 4950 Community-Based Research Practicum All Faculty
PSCI 1130/1131 Contemporary Issues in Science Judith Iriarte-Gross
PSCI 4030 Experiential Physical Science Patricia Patterson
PSY 1410 General Psychology Michelle Boyer-Pennington
PSY 3070/3071 Research Methods  Stuart Bernstein
PSY 4080 Advanced Research Methods Tom Brinthaupt
PSY 4620 Psychology of Women Michelle Boyer-Pennington
PSY 4650 Health Psychology Catherine Crooks/Gloria Hamilton
PSY 4750 Apprenticeship Pre-Clinical Gloria Hamilton
READ 3340 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School Terri Tharp
READ 4015 Language and Literacy K-6  Terri Tharp
READ 4130 Corrective Reading Terri Tharp
RIM 3020 Commercial Songwriting All Faculty
RIM 3580 RIM Practicum Dale Brown
RIM 3690 International Entertainment Transactions Deborah Wagnon
RIM 4000 Recording Industry Internship: Business All Faculty
RIM 4010 Recording Industry Internship: Technology Daniel Pfeifer
RIM 4020 Advanced Commercial Songwriting All Faculty
RIM 4025 Songwriting Practicum All Faculty
RIM 4130 Cyber PR in the Entertainment Industry Charlie Dahan
RIM 4330 Sound Reinforcement Frank Baird
RIM 4510 Study Abroad: International Law and Global Entertainment Deborah Wagnon
RIM 4580 Sound for Picture Matthew Foglia
RIM 4590 Computer Based Scoring for Visual Media Tammy Donham
RIM 4560 Studio Production Daniel Pfeifer
RIM 4810 Topics in Recording Industry All Faculty
RIM 4840 Music Publishing Administration Melissa Wald
RS 2030 Religion and Society J. Gray-Hildenbrand/R. King
SOC 4150 Topics in Sociology: Advertising and Communication in Modern American Politics Kent Syler
SPED 3010 Characteristics and Teaching of Diverse Learners Jim Calder
SW 4590 Field Instruction I All Faculty
SW 4680 Field Instruction II All Faculty
THEA 4610 Theatre in Education Jette Halladay
THEA 4620 Drama Across the Curriculum: Practicum Jette Halladay
TXMD 1110 Basic Design All Faculty
TXMD 2110 Fashion Forecasting All Faculty
TXMD 2180 Textiles I All Faculty
TXMD 2181 Textiles I Laboratory All Faculty
TXMD 2200 History of Fashion All Faculty
TXMD 3370 Fashion Illustration I Lauren Rudd
TMXD 4170 Social Aspects of Clothing Lauren Rudd
TXMD  Computer-Aided Apparel Design I Lauren Rudd
TXMD 4400 Fashion Product Line Developing and Merchandising All Faculty
UH 3001 Honors Service Learning Practicum John Vile
UH 3500 Junior Interdisciplinary Seminar- Honors Ron Kates/John Vile
UNIV 4110 University College Internship Rosemary Owens
VCOM 3520 Special Topics in Professional Issues Hanna Park
YOED 2500 Planning and Assessment L. Clark/N. Harris/D. Snead