Computer Information Systems


Globally Networked Learning Course Development and Training

Melinda Korzaan, John Lipinski, and Kim Sokoya 


Second Life in Graduate Studies: An Investigation into the Tools, Resources, and Techniques that Enhance Student Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Virtual Worlds

Melinda Kozaan 


Multimedia Database Aid for INFS 220

Timothy Greer

Greer will develop instructional support material for INFS 220 students through multimedia software. The focus is in assisting students to develop basic database skills which present the greatest difficulty for the student. Currently, the database software is Microsoft Access 2000. Having a multimedia presentation to help guide the student should help improve the student's understanding of difficult database concepts and techniques.


Developing the Network Lab

Jong Sung Lee

Lee will be developing a network lab for INFS 490/590 Seminar in Data Communications and INFS 690 Business Data Communication Management. This network will be composed of two prototype LAN's, each with two client PC's and one server PC. The first LAN will be Windows NT-based and the second LAN will be Novell Netware-based.