Economics and Finance Graduate Faculty

The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues.

Only members of the MTSU Graduate Faculty are eligible to teach 5000/6000/7000 level graduate courses (including dual-listed UG/GR courses) or to serve on thesis or dissertation committees. Graduate faculty members in doctoral degree granting programs who wish to chair a dissertation committee must be endorsed for such service by their program and approved by the graduate dean.



DAVID URBAN,  Dean, College of Business

DAVID FOOTE, Interim Associate Dean, College of Business

KIM SOKOYA, Associate Dean


CHARLES L. BAUM, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2022]

MAMIT DEME, PhD, Associate Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2018]

E. ANTHON EFF, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2018]

BICHAKA FAYISSA, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2022]

STUART FOWLER, PhD, Associate Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2018]

KEITH GAMBLE, PhD, Associate Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2021]

AARON GAMINO, PhD, Assistant Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2022]

GHASSEM HOMAIFAR, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2018]

CHRISTOPHER C. KLEIN, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2022]

FRANKLIN A. MICHELLO, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2019]

GREG NAGEL, PhD, Assistant Professor [Renewal Date: Spring 2020]

DAVID A. PENN, PhD, Associate Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2019]

MICHAEL A. ROACH, PhD, Assistant Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2021]

SEAN SALTER, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Spring 2020] 

LEE SARVER, PhD, Associate Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2021] 

PHILIP SEAGRAVES, PhD, Assistant Professor [Renew: Spring 2022]

SARA SHIRLEY, PhD, Assistant Professor [Renew: Fall 2022]

JEFFREY STARK, PhD, Assistant Professor [Renew: Fall 2022]

WISARUT SUWANPRASERT, PhD, Assistant Professor [Renew: Fall 2022]

MIN ZHAO, PhD, Associate Professor [Renewal Date: Fall 2022]

EMILY ZIETZ, PhD, Professor [Renewal Date: Spring 2018]




REUBEN KYLE, PhD, Adjunct Professor [Term Ends: Fall 2019] 

HEATHER RHODES, PhD, Adjunct Professor [Term Ends: Spring 2018]