Human Performance Ph.D., Kinesmetrics Specialization 

Kinesmetrics, widely known as measurement and evaluation, is a discipline to develop and apply measurement theory, statistics, and mathematical analysis to the field of human performance. The doctoral degree in Human Performance with a specialization in kinesmetrics is designed to produce well-trained measurement specialists who will make positive impacts in research, higher education, and industry. The lab research specializes in physical activity measurements, behavior analysis, measuring function, and advanced psychometrics.

More Information:

Current faculty:

Minsoo Kang, Ph.D.
Brian Ragan, Ph.D.
Norman Weatherby, Ph.D.

The Ph.D. requires 60 hours of coursework including: 10 hours of pedagogy and teaching practicum, 15 hours of research tools, 23 hours in Kinesmetrics specialization, and 12 hours of dissertation research.

Kinesmetrics specialization courses and research tools are taken from:
(The list of courses is subject to change)

  • BIOL 6350: Biostatistical Analysis
  • EXSC 6830: Measurement in Exercise and Sport
  • HHP 6850: Methods in Epidemiology
  • HHP 7060: Field Work or Laboratory Experiment in Human Performance              
  • HHP 7300: Current Measurement Issues in Human Performance                         
  • HHP 7700: Advanced Data Analysis and Organization in Human Performance
  • HHP 7740: Meta Analysis
  • HHP 7620: Foundations of Qualitative Inquiry in Health and Human Performance
  • HLTH 7120: Research in Epidemiology                                                   
  • PSY 6480: Advanced Topics in Quantitative Psychology
  • PSY 6560: Computer-Based Statistical Packages
  • PSY 7210: Advanced Psychometrics
  • PSY 7280: Psychological Statistics: Regression                                        
  • PSY 7290: Psychological Statistics: ANOVA                                                     
  • PSY 7460: Factor Analysis and Related Methods
  • PSY 7550: Structural Equation Modeling                                                
  • PSY 7580: Multivariate Data Analysis                                                              
  • PSY 7585: Test Construction and Validation                                                    
  • STAT 6603: Nonparametric Statistics                
  • STAT 7020: Introduction to Biostatistics

Additional information relative to the admissions can be obtained here. For more information on the Kinesmetrics program, please contact Minsoo Kang, Ph.D.