Association of Graduate Students in History

AGSH exists to foster community within the History Department, encourage faculty-student dialogue, and serve as a forum for intellectual exchange amongst graduate students.

The Association of Graduate Students in History (AGSH) at Middle Tennessee State University was founded in 1995 making it the oldest student organization at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). AGSH exists to foster community within the History Department, encourage faculty-student dialogue, and serve as a forum for intellectual exchange amongst graduate students. These activities are promoted through both formal events and informal gatherings. AGSH puts forth a concerted effort to ensure all MA History, MA Public History, and Ph.D. Public History students are familiar with one another and with all department happenings. Our monthly meetings are open to all members and provide an excellent venue for graduate students to connect to other graduate students and to better understand the History Department. AGSH also works closely with MTSU’s Center for Student Involvement and Leadership to ensure its members receives support for attending and presenting at academic conferences.

Graduate Students Win Bowling 2014

A sampling of AGSH activities includes the following:

  • Monthly First Friday socials—all graduate students, faculty, and staff convene at a local restaurant for food, drinks, and fun in a casual setting
  • The AGSH “Big-Little” Program—AGSH matches all incoming graduate students with someone who has been in the program for at least two semesters to ease the transition into the program and into life at MTSU, help new students manage expectations and create time management skills, and make new students feel welcome to the MTSU History graduate student community
  • Bi-monthly Research Gatherings—any graduate students are welcome to join their peers in a relaxed environment to discuss their ongoing (or recently completed) conference presentations, journal articles, or seminar papers as well as to plan future conference attendance
  • Faculty v. Grad Student Bowling Match—all faculty, staff, and graduate students gather at the local bowling alley for the sporting event of the year.

AGSH Student Funding Opportunities for Travel to Conferences

Faculty Advisor

Mary Hoffschwelle

2013-2014 Officers

President: Josh Howard
Vice President: Lauren Dickens
Treasurer: Dallas Hanbury
Secretary: Holly Rogers
Social Chair: Josh Howard
Public History Committee Reps: Jessica Reeves (MA) & Liz Lambert (PhD)
Graduate Committee Reps: Alex Collins (MA) & Jessica French (PhD)
GSA Delegates: Alex Collins (MA) & Liz Lambert (PhD)

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Mailing Address
Department of History
Middle Tennessee State University
Box 23
1301 E. Main Street 
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

Main Office
Peck Hall 223

Department Chair
Kevin Leonard

Undergraduate Program
(615) 904-8164

Graduate Program
(615) 898-5798

All Other Inquiries
(615) 898-2631 

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Oral History Association

The executive offices of the Oral History Association have opened at MTSU and will be here for the next five years.

The office will be co-directed by Albert Gore Research Center Director Louis Kyriakoudes and History Professor Kristine McCusker.

The Offices are located in Peck Hall, Room 217.

Telephone: 615-898-2544