Personnel Appointment (PAF) Key and Personnel Event Form (PEF)

The Personnel Appointment Form is to be used each time a person is offered a new contract. It replaces the contract for for all except regular faculty. The Personnel Event Form is to be used for other activities which do not require a contract, such as changes in status, extra compensation, and termination.

Section 11

  • M ID Number
  • Last Name, First Name, Middle Name
  • Street Address
  • City, State
  • Zip Code
  • Home Telephone
  • Position Title / Department Name
    (HRS Screen 61. Appears at top right hand corner)
  • Proposed Salary--list rate and time period, examples:
    • Faculty = 30,000 / year
    • Full time Employee = 25,000 / year
    • Adjunct = 3,900 / semester or 7,800 / 2 semesters
    • GTA = 568.75 / month
    • Student / Hourly = 5.15 / hour

Section 12

  • Current Hire Date = Employment date with the University
  • Primary Division / Department / Unit
  • Campus Locators
  • Check Distribution Code

Section 23

  • Education Type
  • Degree Year -- Year degree was awarded
  • Major field
  • HEGIS code
  • Degree Code
  • Institution
  • Degree State
  • Teaching field

Section 16

  • Assignment Beginning Date*
  • Assignment End Date*
  • Position Number
  • Assigned FTE
  • Hours

*Assignment dates cannot cross fiscal year boundaries (i.e. if employed for the summer, dates would read : begin 06-01-96; end 06-30-96; begin 07-01-96; end 08-15-96)

Section 36

  • Labor Account
  • Labor Object
  • Position Number
  • Amt / Pct

PAF Contract Language

  • For Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Assistants, and Hourly Workers, indicated with an 'X' the applicable contract language and have the selected applicant sign the PAF before sending forward for approvals. Remember to indicated Level of Appointment, Rate per Credit Hour and Number of Credit Hours for Adjunct Faculty.
  • For Regular Faculty, Administrators, and Classified employees, the PAF may be forwarded for approvals without the selected applicant's signature in cases where the applicant is not readily available. Signatures will then be obtained in the formal sign-up procedures in the Human Resource Service Office.
  • Since this is the person's employment contract. It is very important that the PAF be accurate. Be sure to follow the instruction and pay very close attention to the instructions received from the Employment Office or the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Office for quoting the proposed salary.
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