Web Consulting and Management

ITD's Academic & Instructional Technology Services area provides consulting and support to the faculty and staff members who build departmental web sites. Whether it's HTML, FTP, content development, graphic design, style sheets, common gateway interface (CGI), information on the latest technologies, or overcoming browser incompatibility issues, the Web Specialists can help you implement your ideas.

The web team also acts as MTSU's Web Managers. As such, they design, build, and update MTSU's main pages; maintain the links between MTSU's main pages and subordinate pages; provide guidance in the application of MTSU's Web Page Policies and Procedures; and index MTSU's site for search engines.

Web Guidelines

In February 2010, MTSU approved the following website guidelines as well as an approved maintenance plan for the MTSU website. Both are available here in PDF format.