Skype for Business: Deployment Plan



March 2017 Floyd Stadium In Progress
March 2017 Student Union Building In Progress
March 2017 James E Walker Library In Progress
April 2017 Printing Services Building In Progress
April 2017 Peck Hall In Progress
April 2017 Tennessee Livestock Center In Progress
April 2017 Women's Softball Complex In Progress
May 2017 Kirksey Old Main In Progress
May 2017 Midgett Building In Progress
May 2017 Stephen B Smith Baseball Clubhouse In Progress
May 2017 Parking Services Building In Progress
June 2017 Murphy Center In Progress
June 2017 Ned McWherter Learning Resources Center In Progress
July 2017 Internal Audit (Wansley House) Coming Soon
July 2017 Voorhies Engineering Technology Coming Soon
July 2017 Paul W Martin Sr Honors Building Coming Soon
July 2017 Keathley University Center Coming Soon
August 2017 Sauders Fine Arts Building Coming Soon
August 2017 Public Safety Coming Soon
August 2017 Cope Administration Building Coming Soon
Spring 2016 Alumni Office Completed
Spring 2016 Alumni Relations House Completed
Spring 2016 Fairview Building Completed
Spring 2016 Sam Ingram Building Completed
Spring 2016 Tennessee Miller Coliseum Completed
Spring 2016 Black House Completed
Spring 2016 Greenhouse Completed
Spring 2016 Horticulture Facility Completed
Spring 2016 Emmett and Rose Kennon Sports Hall of Fame Completed
Spring 2016 Lytle House Completed
Summer 2016 Business & Aerospace Building Completed
Summer 2016 Wood Stegall Center Completed
Summer 2016 Cason Kennedy Nursing Building Completed
Summer 2016 Student Recreation Center Completed
Summer 2016 Jones Hall Completed
Summer 2016 College of Education Completed
Summer 2016 College Heights Completed
Summer 2016 Ezell Hall Completed
Fall 2016 Tom Jackson Building Completed
Fall 2016 Vocational Agriculture Completed
Fall 2016 Housing (Dorms and Administration) Completed
Fall 2016 Davis Science Building Completed
Fall 2016 Wisper-Patten Science Building Completed
February 2017 Alumni Memorial Gym Completed
February 2017 Boutwell Dramatic Arts Building Completed
February 2017 Tennessee Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia Completed
February 2017 Forrest Hall Completed
February 2017 MTSU Blvd Garage Completed
February 2017 Holmes Parking Garage Completed
February 2017 Haynes-Turner Maintenance Completed
February 2017 McFarland Building Completed
February 2017 Project Help Completed
February 2017 Soccer & Track Complex Completed
February 2017 Science Building Completed
February 2017 Satellite Chiller Plant Completed
February 2017 Storage Warehouse Completed
February 2017 WC Completed
February 2017 Hastings Maintenance Complex Completed
March 2017 Student Services and Admissions Center Completed
March 2017 Stark Agribusiness and Agriscience Center Completed
February 2017 Bayer Travis Building Completed
February 2017 Central Utility Plant/Cogeneration Plant Completed
March 2017 Holmes Building Completed
March 2017 James Union Building Completed
March 2017 Andrew L Todd Building Completed
March 2017 Wright Music Building Completed
April 2017 Warehouse Completed