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Dr. Hilary Miller

Hilary MillerDirector, Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center (Daniels Center)
Contact: | 615-904-8347

Dr. Hilary Miller is an active member of the Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee State University communities. She attended Texas Christian University, The University of Texas at Austin, and Vanderbilt University. Much of her professional career has centered on the idea of transition. Initially this inquiry concentrated on the transition from high school to college, but she now focuses primarily on student-veterans and the move from military to college.

As the Director of the Daniels Center, Dr. Miller works to ensure the five goals of the Center are being met. These goals include: 1) Promoting and facilitating enrollment at MTSU among veterans and their family members (Enroll); 2) Providing a comprehensive support structure to assist student‐veterans in their transition to college life and improve their persistence and completion rates (Encourage); 3) Developing MTSU and community partnerships to assist with career placement (Employ); 4) Providing training and educational opportunities to MTSU faculty, staff, and students on military and student‐veteran needs (Educate); and 5) Researching, validating, documenting, and disseminating best practices in student‐veteran higher education (Expand).

Please contact Dr. Miller if you have a question about the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center or a concern that falls within the above goals.

Mr. Ray Howell

Ray HowellSchool Certifying Official
Contact: | 615-898-2601

Mr. Howell’s primary job is to assist veterans in getting their GI Bill benefits started at MTSU.  However, he has many other duties such as monitoring the veterans’ classes, changes in majors/minors, adjusting student-veteran’s certified hours, terminating certifications, processing the Selective Service program, reporting tuition & fees (including flight lab fees) to the VA, conducting workshops for new/transfer veterans, and helping veterans with the Tuition Assistance Program.

Ray has either been in the Air Force or working with veterans most of his life. He is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant with 23 years, and almost 14 years at MTSU’s Veterans Affairs office.

Ms. Shannon Brown

Shannon BrownTechnical Clerk
Contact: | 615-898-5040

Ms. Brown assists the School Certifying Official in certifying the enrollment of MTSU’s student-veterans with the VA so these student will receive their educational benefits.  This involves reporting tuition and fees for qualified students (including flight lab information).  She ensures the VA is kept up-to-date on items such as students’ hours of enrollment, programs being pursued, and any changes that may occur during the semester.  Shannon also assists in conducting CUSTOMS orientation for new and transfer student-veterans.

Shannon spent 4 years in the US Army in the Signal Corps, to include Desert Shield and Storm.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from MTSU, and worked at the VA hospital in Murfreesboro as a work-study student, as well as the VA Regional Office in Nashville processing disability claims.

Mrs. Heather A. Conrad

Heather ConradCounselor, VetSuccess on Campus
Contact: | | 615-898-2974

Ms. Heather Conrad has been working with veterans in a professional capacity since 1994.  She was born and raised in a small town in West Virginia.  She attended West Virginia University (WVU) where she graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling.  Her undergraduate degrees are in Community Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Heather has committed her career to working with veterans and their families.  She has been employed with Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) since early 1997.  Most recently she has managed and directed VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) at Middle Tennessee State University.  MTSU was the first school in the state of TN (04/02/2012) and the 12th nationally to partner with the VA to adopt this program.  Today, there are now 96 VSOC counselors across the country.  The mission of VSOC is to ensure veteran success through supportive services, benefits counseling, vocational training, and outreach.

Heather loves her work and the gratification of being able to assist veterans and their family members in becoming successful in this phase of their lives.  Heather was awarded the “VetSuccess on Campus Counselor of the Year” award in 2014.  MTSU was instrumental in providing Heather the necessary support she needed to be nationally recognized as VSOC of the year.  Heather is married and has two wonderful sons, Will Conrad (age 15), and Ethan Conrad (age 13).  She enjoys outdoor sports, working out and spending time with her family and friends.

Ms. Betty Struzick

VA - Clinical Social WorkerB.Struzick-Headshot
Contact: | 615-898-2540

Ms. Betty Struzick has been providing therapy services to individuals and families for over 40 years. Having a licensed clinical social worker from the Veterans Administration Tennessee Valley Healthcare System available at the Daniels Center demonstrates the commitment that both the VA and MTSU have to providing campus-based access to services that meet the needs of student veterans.  Whether the student veteran needs just to talk over a troubling situation or needs more in depth help with personal or family issues, Ms. Struzick is available to assist.  She is pleased to be a part of the team at the MTSU Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center.

Betty was born in Tennessee and is happy to be returning to her home state to begin the next phase of her career working with the men and women student veterans at MTSU.  She has a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Alabama (UA) and a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB).  She has worked in medical and mental health positions at UAB, UA, and Auburn University.  She chose to apply for her current position with the VA because she wanted specifically to work with the men and women who chose to serve their country through their military service.

Many of Betty’s professional experiences have been in programs that were the first of their kind.  She finds being a part of a team with creative new ideas to be both challenging and gratifying.  Her door is open and if there are ways you think she can help or programs that you believe might be useful please let her know.  Your unique experiences as veterans make you the most qualified to make suggestions of things that might assist you and your family to make your time at MTSU successful and rewarding.

Mr. Sean MartinSean Martin

Transition Manager
Contact: | 615-904-8489

Mr. Sean Martin assists the five goal mission of the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center by means of “Encourage, Educate, and Expand” as the Transition Manager.  Sean seeks to bring future and current students opportunities and information on how to successfully traverse the academic environment as a military-benefit user here at MTSU, be it prior learning assessments or discussion of current issues experienced as a student. As a 2016 MTSU military-veteran graduate, Sean carries experience and firsthand knowledge of the MTSU campus and programs as well as state policy focused on student-veterans.

Mr. Martin graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Sociology. During his undergraduate years, Sean was the only student-veteran to serve as a seated member on Governor Haslam’s Veteran Education Task Force—the task force charged with developing state initiatives and programming to ensure Tennessee is the state of choice for veterans and their families for higher education. Prior to his academics, Sean served with the Marine Corps from 2005-2009 as a communications operator and police transition team advisor when deployed forward to Iraq. Both he and his fiancé, Emily, live in Nashville and both enjoy the outdoors, live music, and assisting those in need in any way they can. 

Mr. Shane Smith

Employee Search Agent

Mr. Shane Smith supports the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center and its five goal mission by focusing on the “Employ” goal. As the university’s Employee Search Agent, Shane initiates, builds, and maintains corporate relationships that ensure our graduating veterans are provided access to the region’s best employment opportunities. He also assists the career advisor, Ms. Kathy Creel, with coaching veterans and their family members as they prepare to transition from academia to corporate America. 

Shane is a retired Army Captain who served more than 23 years (12 years enlisted/11.5 years commissioned) in the active duty Infantry. He graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a bachelor’s degree in social science and is currently enrolled in MTSU’s Strategic Leadership master’s program. Shane is married and has two children; his family resides in Shelbyville, TN. He is personally aware of your training, experience, and the challenges of being a transitioning veteran/military family. Shane is dedicated to making your next transition a seamless one!

Mrs. Kathy Creel

MTSU Career AdvisorCreel Headshot
Contact: | 615-494-7862 | KUC 328

Kathy has a special interest in coaching veterans who are re-careering.  “It is my honor and duty to faithfully assist the men and women who chose service to our country as their vocation.  This is the least I can do.”  She is a great resource for career decision making, job search guidance, and advice for communicating the value of military experience in civilian language.  You may click here to schedule a meeting with Kathy. 

Kathy started at MTSU as a full-time student in January 2012 as a single mother after a 17-year hiatus from college.  In August 2012, she connected with the Career Development Center and accepted a Peer Career Advisor position.  She got married and tripled her family size the following May!  Then in December 2013 she graduated with a degree in Business Education: Training and Development concentration, and graduated again in December 2015 with her MBA after serving as a graduate assistant to the Career Development Center.  She considers career counseling a personal calling, and was appointed as a permanent staff Career Advisor in April 2016.  When she is not on campus, Kathy spends most of her time as a wife to Tim and mother of three teenage boys, two rescue dogs, a cat she adores, and another cat she simply tolerates.