Actuarial Sciences


The Actuarial Sciences concentration is the newest  MSPS degree at MTSU. This discipline trains students to make practical use of probability theory and statistical analysis for managing risks and solving problems in the insurance business. Graduates with this highly specialized training are well-positioned to fill the growing demand in the financial services and consulting industries as well as the traditional insurance and health care industries.



The Biostatistics concentration provides training in statistical methods that can be applied to biomedical and health-related fields. These methods involve using mathematics and statistics to solve real-world problems that influence health. Statistical areas of study include clinical trials, experimental design, categorical and longitudinal data analysis, and survival analysis. Graduates will ideally work in professional settings including health care agencies; governmental agencies such as the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Environmental Protection Agency; and the pharmaceutical industry.



Biotechnology studies prepare students for careers in the management of bioscience firms and organizations. Opportunities include research science positions in laboratories applying biotechnology to problems in medicine, industry, and agriculture and management positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. With the growth of positions in the biotechnology industry in Tennessee and nationwide, the demand for persons with training in both biological science and management is expected to grow significantly. 

Engineering Management

Engineering Management

Engineering Management teaches students the interpersonal, management, and engineering skills needed for success in manufacturing, industry, and business. The Engineering Management concentration prepares students for careers in the management of technology and engineering in such diverse occupations as: Technology Managers for Manufacturing Operations (both assembly & fabrication), Healthcare, Food Production, Training/Consulting, and Governmental research initiatives; or, Project Managers for Concrete/Construction Industries, Process Control Companies, and Automotive Industries. Students are trained in Project Management (with credit toward PMI certification), Safety Planning, Technology Trends/Research Methods, and certified in both Lean and Six-Sigma methodologies.


GeosciencesThe Geosciences concentration provides training for students seeking careers as geoscientists in private industry and government agencies, as well as working professionals seeking advanced training in the geosciences. There is a high demand for well-trained and experienced geoscientists in areas such as geographic information systems and environmental geology. The goal of the Geosciences concentration is to provide each student the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to secure employment as a professional geoscientist, and/or to advance into managerial positions within the profession. Students may elect to complete specializations in either Geographic Information Systems or  Environmental Geosystems, or may elect to complete a general Geoscience program of studies.

Health Care Informatics

InformaticsHealth Care Informatics plays an important role in all aspects of health care delivery in today's industry. This discipline combines computer science, information science, and the healthcare sciences in order to manage and communicate data, information, and knowledge in the healthcare environment. The Health Care Informatics concentration is aimed at healthcare professionals who have strong computer skills and an interest in technology integration within the healthcare environment. Graduates of this concentration will fill the growing need for healthcare leaders with training in the application and design of information technology to health care to continue to improve patient care delivery.

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