Faculty Development

An important initiative of MT Engage is a formal faculty development program. The MT Engage Faculty Development initiative has as its outcome the development of a community of faculty scholars committed to academic engagement in the classroom and prepared for instruction in integrative thinking/reflection. This will help accomplish the first program goal of fostering a culture of engaged learning. Through the LT&ITC, general workshops and FLCs/work groups will be held fall and spring in addition to a summer institute. Each will focus on high impact, engaging pedagogy and integrative/reflective thinking pedagogy.

In addition, the Faculty Instructional Technology Center (FITC) will provide faculty training in ePortfolio technology on a regular and one-on-one basis. The Instructional Design Specialist and Graduate Assistant, who both work in 12-month positions will also support faculty in this initiative.  


2108 Workshops coming soon!

Summer Institute

The Directors of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence will work with the MT Engage Director each year to develop and implement the proposed Summer Institute (see below for tentative Summer Institute agenda). 

The 2019 Summer Institute dates to be announced.  Registration info coming soon.

2018 Summer Institute

Summer Institute Activities and Timeline:
Day One:  
  • MT Engage overview and faculty institute keynote speaker on integrative thinking.

    1. What is the QEP, MT Engage
    2. The value of integrative thinking and best practices for incorporating in college courses
    3. The value of ePortfolios and how MT Engage faculty and students will use them
    4. The value of ePortfolios and how MT Engage faculty and students will use them
      1. ePortfolio tool overview/training
Day Two:
  • Assessment of SLO Integrative Thinking and Reflection
  • Break out sessions (45 minutes each)
    • Topics will be based on research literature and ideas for incorporating academic engagement strategies and integrative thinking in college courses
    • Led by faculty who have previously taught MT Engage courses.
After Institute
  • June/July/August--Faculty revise classes
  • End of August--Faculty submit course syllabi and a MT Engage certification form highlighting how they are implementing MT Engage in their course prior to teaching.

Faculty Learning Communities (FLC)

To participate in a faculty learning community, please contact Mary Hoffschwelle.

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

To participate in a professional learning community, please contact Mary Hoffschwelle.

Faculty Incentives for Participating

Faculty who participate in the FLCs/work groups and Summer Institute will receive a $500 stipend. During many of these activities, meals will be provided. Faculty will also be recognized with certificates of achievement..

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