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School of Nursing Admissions

New Admission Requirements!!

Application deadlines for the School of Nursing are October 1 for spring admission and February 1 for fall admission!


Steps for Admission

  1. Freshman should schedule the ACT College Admissions Test six months to a year before admission is desired. These exam scores must be recorded on the student transcript.
  2. Admissions forms must be obtained from the Admissions Office, Cope 208, (615) 898-2111, July 1 for fall admission or by December 15 for spring admission.
  3. A pre-nursing information/application from must be obtained from the School of Nursing, Cason Kennedy Building 201, and must be completed and on file with the School of Nursing.
  4. Copies of all official transcripts must be sent to the School of Nursing.
  5. Transcript validation of all prerequisites must be on file in the MTSU Records Office by February 1 for fall admission and by October 1 for spring admission. Send copies to the School of Nursing. A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.75 is required for admission into upper-division nursing. Applicants must have no grade less than a C (2.00) in a required prerequisite course. Successful completion of BIOL2010 with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better is required before making application to upper-division nursing.
  6. Students must maintain a minimum of C (2.00) in all nursing courses.
  7. Pre-nursing students are expected to seek advising from the nursing faculty each semester to ensure that they are following the proper sequence for completion of the prerequisite courses.
  8. Transfer students and returning R.N. students should see a nursing advisor and fill out an updated information/application form and progression to the second semester sophomore year form, which must be in the School of Nursing.
  9. More specific details regarding admission and progression are available in the School of Nursing.


Important Information

  1. If you are interested in applying for admission the upcoming semester, an application form AND 'blue' progression form must be on file. These may be obtained from the School of Nursing office.
  2. The full application process must be repeated if you are unsuccessful or if you decide not to accept placement in the nursing program. A 'new' blue progression form and transcript are required for each reapplication.
  3. Your transcript must be clear of all holds (e.g., parking, library, etc.) by the application deadline date.

Information Sheet for the Baccalaureate Nursing Program
The attached form must be included in the information submitted for consideration to the generic and RN to BSN program in the School of Nursing at MTSU. You can complete it online but it must be printed and signed for submission. Click here to access the form.

Additional key information regarding admission is contained in the document entitled Admission Requirements and Process for Acceptance to the Nursing Program. Click here to access the information.

Requirements After Acceptance to the Nursing Program and Prior to Entering Nursing Courses
After a student has been accepted to the nursing program and has been notified by the School of Nursing, he/she must provide a record of physical examination no later than two months following entrance into the program. This health history and physical examination:

  1. Must be on file in the School of Nursing by the deadline date.
  2. Must be performed by a qualified practitioner. Must be completed on the official form from the School of Nursing.
  3. Includes the requirement that a skin test or chest x-ray for TB must have been done within a designated timeframe and the results must be on file in the School of Nursing.
  4. Requires that the immunization record must include a rubella titer (or revaccination for measles, mumps, and rubella), chicken pox titer, verification of beginning a series of hepatitis B vaccinations, and other immunizations required by clinical agencies. (See Guidelines for Immunizations)
  5. Requires that necessary treatments or corrections must be taken care of prior to beginning the nursing courses. ( See Immunizations)
  6. States that pregnancy is not grounds for denial of admission, but the health of the student must be adequate to meet class and clinical requirements
  7. Requires that the student be physically, emotionally, and cognitively able to meet the criteria required for clinical skills (see Performance Standards). Student must be able to perform clinical skills without physical or psychological threat to themselves or others. Students who have chronic health conditions that are controlled and which do not put themselves or others in danger are eligible to be considered for admission. Students may be asked to present evidence of physical and/or mental health prior to or at any time during their enrolment in the nursing program.

Note: Students with disabilities should present themselves to the Director of Disabled Services for identification of needed services and advice.

Credit for Previous Experience
Add 1/2 point to composite score for any student who can provide documented evidence of clinical experience providing direct patient care for a period of at least 380 hours within the 2 years prior to making application to upper-division nursing (effective Fall 2007).

Applicant Snapshot
Students admitted to Upper Division Nursing are typically Tennessee residents with a mean composite score of 6.217 (range 5.721 to 6.836). The composite score is comprised of the ACT score and GPA. The ACT score is converted to a 4 point scale (see ACT Conversion Table at ACT Conversion Table to 4.0 Scale.htm) and added to the most recent GPA to calculate the composite score.

Academic Advisor for generic undergraduate students.

If you need a face-to-face appointment, please call 615-898-2437 to arrange an appointment.

Ms. Helen Gleason is the academic advisor for prenursing undergraduate students in the School of Nursing. Contact Information:

Office: CKNB 221
Hours: 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Phone: (615) 494-8791
Email: helen.gleason@mtsu.edu

Group Advising: ORIENTATION CKNB Room 109 (111) - (When classes are in session: Spring and Fall Semesters)
Wednesday: 2:15 PM

Summer Schedule will vary
. Please call for specific hours.

If you want an information packet mailed to you from the School of Nursing, please email Mrs. Brenda Puckett at brenda.puckett@mtsu.edu