University Policies

Policy Divisions

The following index is provided as an aid to finding the correct policy or guideline.

I. General (University-Wide) Policies
II. Academic Affairs Policies
III. Student Affairs Policies
IV. Business and Finance Policies
V. Development Policies

Policies by Name

policy name policy number
Academic Freedom and Responsibility II:01:04
Academic Misconduct III:00:08
Acceptance of Electronic Signatures I:03:07
Access to Education Records III:00:01
Alcoholic Beverages I:13:02
Alternate Work Arrangements IV:07:25
Animal Care and Use in Research and Teaching II:01:11
Animals on University Property I:01:13
Appeals and Appearances Before the Board I:02:02
Appointment of Graduate Assistants IV:07:12
Attendance Policy for Inclement Weather IV:07:22
Automated External Defibrillators IV:00:06
Budgetary Accounting Controls IV:04:03
Building Access IV:04:16
Campus Commemoratives Policy IV:06:05 
Cases Heard Pursuant to the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act I:01:19
Cash Purchases and Petty Cash Funds IV:04:01 
Charitable Solicitations I:01:11
Class Attendance III:00:02
Classification - Compensation Plan and Pay Administration for Basic Occupations (Clerical and Supporting Types) IV:07:13
Classification of Employees, Their Spouses and Children, and Graduate Assistants for Purposes of Fees and Tuition IV:05:04
Collections from Employees IV:04:14
Compensation for the Death or Injury of a University Employee, and Redress of Injuries and Property Damage Arising from Negligence of University Employees IV:07:08
Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act IV:07:07
Comprehensive Travel Regulations IV:04:09
Computer Software Policy I:03:02 
Conditions of Employment IV:07:02
Conflict of Interest for Externally Funded Projects II:01:12 
Cost Transfer Guide for Sponsored Programs IV:04:21
Delegation of Authority/Signature Authorization
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Disciplinary Procedures - Classified Personnel IV:07:10
Discrimination and Harassment Based on Protected Categories Other Than Sex I:01:22
Disposal of Surplus Property IV:06:02 
Drug-Free Workplace IV:07:19
Education Abroad II:05:00
Educational Adjustment for Pregnant and Parenting Students III:11:00
Electronic Mail Acceptable Use Policy I:03:04 
Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings I:12:02 
Emeritus Faculty II:01:03
Employee Grievance/Complaint Procedures IV:07:11 
Employee Tuition Waiver IV:05:06
English Proficiency - Faculty II:01:13
Environmental Health and Safety IV:00:01
Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Nondiscrimination I:01:10 
Equal Opportunity: Internal Audit and Reporting Systems IV:07:16
Equipment/Movable Property Inventory Control IV:04:07
Ethics and Code of Conduct I:01:25
Exit Interview/Check-Out Procedures for Terminating Regular Employees IV:07:18
Export Control II:06:00
Faculty and Staff Support for Educational Expenses I:01:16 
Faculty Appointments II:01:05D
Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress III:00:11
Fire Alarm Notification for Persons with Disabilities IV:00:05
Fire Safety in On-Campus Student Residential Housing IV:00:07
Food Service - Self-Catered or Off-Campus Vendor IV:04:20
General Personnel Policy I:02:01
Gifts, Prizes, and Awards IV:04:24
Grants, Contracts and Other Agreements IV:06:03
Guidelines for Handling Defaulted Student Loans III:00:12
Guidelines for Purchasing Educational and Administrative Mobile Applications I:03:08
Hazardous Waste Reduction Policy and Plan IV:00:04
Holidays/Administrative Closings IV:07:14
Hours of Work, Classified Employees IV:07:03
Implementation of Secure Passwords I:03:09 
Inclement Weather IV:00:03
Information Security Policy I:03:06
Information Technology Resources Policy   I:03:03 
Intellectual Property II:01:08
Internal Audit IV:04:04
Leave Policies IV:07:04
Membership and Subscriptions IV:04:19
Minors Participating in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Using University Facilities I:01:07
Misconduct, Discrimination, and Harassment Based on Sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression) I:01:23
Misconduct in Scholarly Activities and Research II:01:10
Missing Residential Student Notification Procedure III:06:00 
Motor Pool Services IV:02:01
Naming Buildings and Facilities IV:06:04
Nepotism IV:07:01
Outside Sponsorship of Scholarly Activities I:01:12
Outside Employment, Extra Compensation and Dual Services Agreements IV:07:24 
Oversight of Dual Use Research of Concern II:01:14
Payrolls IV:04:11
PCI DSS Information Security IV:04:23
Personnel Records IV:07:17
Policies and Procedures for Promotion of Tenured and Tenurable Faculty II:01:05B
Policies and Procedures for Tenure II:01:05A
Policy Review Process I:01:01
Posthumous Degree II:03:00
Privacy of Information  I:03:05 
Procedures for Adhering to the Timely Reporting of Substantive Change for Accredited Institutions of the SACSCOC II:04:00
Procedures Pertaining to Cash Receipts and Deposits IV:05:01 
Procurement Procedures IV:06:01
Promotions of Classified, Executive and Administrative Employees IV:07:21
Protection of Human Subjects in Research I:01:24
Public Records - Inspecting/Copying Public Records I:03:01
Purchase of Meals and Refreshments for both On and Off Campus IV:04:13
Reporting and Resolution of Institutional Losses IV:04:08
Salary Increase for Attaining Certified Administrative Professional Status IV:07:20 
Social Networking and Media I:03:10
Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts V.01.01
Staff Performance Evaluations IV:07:15
Student Appeal of Initial Classification of Residency Status for Purpose of Fee Payment III:00:10
Student Disciplinary Rules III:00:03
Student Employment IV:07:09
Student Fee Discount for Spouses and Dependent Children of Employees IV:05:05
Student Fees - Incidental Charges and Refunds IV:05:03
Student Grade Appeals Process III:00:09
Student Organizations III:01:01
Support Staff Grievance Procedures IV:07:23
Telephone Service - Local and Long Distance IV:04:12
Temporary Ban on Self-Balancing Scooters IV:00:08
Tenure and Promotion Appeals Process II:01:05C
Textbook, Course Materials and Course Supplies Policy II:01:09
Tickets and Admissions to Athletic Events IV:04:17
Tobacco-Free Campus I:01:03 
Traffic and Parking I:14:01
University Committees I:01:02
University Police Department I:12:03
University Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program IV:04:22
Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling I:01:06 
Violence on Campus I:12:01
Weapons on Campus I:12:00
Wireless Telephones (Cell Phones) IV:04:18
Withdrawals from the University III:00:06