General (University-Wide) Policies

policy number policy name
I:01:01 Policy Review Process
I:01:02 University Committees
I:01:03 Tobacco-Free Campus
I:01:06 Use of Campus Property and Facilities Scheduling 
{Appendix A - Properties/Facilities Available for Use}
{Appendix B - User Fees}
{Appendix C - Sidewalks and Right of Ways}
I:01:07 Minors Participating in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Using University Facilities
I:01:10 Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Nondiscrimination
I:01:11 Charitable Solicitations
I:01:12 Outside Sponsorship of Scholarly Activities
I:01:13 Animals on University Property
I:01:16 Faculty and Staff Support for Educational Expenses
I:01:19 Cases Heard Pursuant to the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act
I:01:22 Discrimination and Harassment Based on Protected Categories Other Than Sex
I:01:23 Misconduct, Discrimination, and Harassment Based on Sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression)
I:01:24 Protection of Human Subjects in Research
I:01:25 Ethics and Code of Conduct
I:01:26 Delegation of Authority/Signature Authorization
{Attachment 1}
I:02:01 General Personnel Policy
I:02:02 Appeals and Appearances Before the Board
I:03:01 Public Records - Inspecting/Copying Public Records
I:03:02 Computer Software
I:03:03 Information Technology Resources 
I:03:04 Electronic Mail Acceptable Use
I:03:05 Privacy of Information
I:03:06 Information Security
I:03:07 Acceptance of Electronic Signatures
I:03:08 Guidelines for Purchasing Educational and Administrative Mobile Applications
I:03:09 Implementation of Secure Passwords
I:03:10 Social Networking and Media
I:12:00 Weapons on Campus
I:12:01 Violence on Campus
I:12:02 Emergency Notifications and Timely Warnings
I:12:03 University Police Department
I:13:02 Alcoholic Beverages
I:14:01 Traffic and Parking