MTSU Planning Committee

Committee Classification: Special Purpose.
Charge: Advise and assist the President in developing effective plans that will help the University carry out its mission.
Report Recipients: President; standard summary reporting.
Nomination: Nominations shall be by college.
Membership: One (1) faculty member from each academic college, one (1) faculty member from the College of Graduate Studies, the President of the Faculty Senate, one (1) Dean, a representative from each Division, the Student Government Association President, a graduate student, and the President of the MTSU Alumni Association or alumnus designee. Faculty members must have completed three (3) consecutive years of service at MTSU; membership is a three (3)-year term.
Special Information:
(1)  The committee should be concerned with setting University objectives and priorities that:
(a)  assure the identification and assessment of educational outcomes and outcomes, for administrative and educational support services;
(b)  assure continuous improvements in outcomes;
(c)  identify relevant challenges, opportunities, and problems;
(d)  develop immediate and long-range plans for allocation and effective use of human, financial, and physical resources;
(e)  consider and recommend action on all issues affecting the organization of academic units, partnerships, centers, departments, schools, and colleges;
(f)  monitor the University's performance in achieving its goals.
(2)  The following serve as ex-officio members: Vice Presidents, Academic Deans, Associate Vice Provost for Admissions and Enrollment Services, the Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Research.
(3)  The Provost should serve as chair.

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