Mastering Lab

Mastering/Observation Lab A does dual service providing an observation classroom for Studio A and the location for an eight channel SADiE 5 hard disk digital editing, mastering, WaveLab 6, Waves Diamond, and CD preparation system. The lab also includes outboard signal processing gear that aids in the mastering process. This lab also sports a 5.1 channel Coastal Acoustics, Boxer monitor system.

Studio Complex A is equipped to teach Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital encoding procedures. Control Room A and Mastering/Observation Lab A are equipped with complete Dolby Surround and Dolby Digital playback systems and 5.1 channel speakers systems. The Mastering Lab is further equipped with a Dolby Digital encoder and decoder.

Digital Audio Workstation

SADiE5 24-96 w/ Apogee Digital I/O, CEDAR, Dual 20” monitors, Plextor CD-R, Millennia NSEQ2 equalizer(mastering edition), Manley Variable-Mu compressor (mastering edition), Tascam DA-78 DTRS, Tascam DA-45HR DAT.

Monitor System

Discrete Research/Coastal Acoustics/Boxer 5.1 system, Bryston power amplifiers, Mackie HR824 near-field monitors, Martin Sound MultiMax controller.

Surround System

Full 5.1 monitoring. Dolby DP 569 Digital AC-3 Encoder and Dolby DP 562 Decoder. ProLogic encode/decode with Dolby SDU4 Surround Sound Decoder.

Projection System

Sony DXC 101 Color Video Cameras, Panasonic WV 7230D Camera Remotes, NEC MT1050 Video Projector, Sony VPH 1041Q Video Projectors, Grass Valley Performer Video Switcher.

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