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Private Scholarship Links

The following links include a few of the many private scholarships awarded to students each year. Please note that we provide this information as a service to MTSU students; however, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on a third-party website such as the sites listed below.

Confirmed Scholarship Opportunities

The following links are for scholarships which have been awarded to at least one MTSU student in the last 5 years.

In addition to the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship, TSAC administers several other scholarships and loan forgiveness programs. 

Possible Scholarship Opportunities

The following links are for scholarships which have not been confirmed. They may be listed here because we received a request for inclusion from the scholarship donor, or because we believe the scholarship is authentic but have not been able to confirm that an MTSU student has received the award in recent years.

IMPORTANT!!!!  You are required to notify the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at MTSU of ANY scholarship funds received.  This is applicable to scholarships paid directly to the student from 3rd party donors.  Please be aware that it is YOUR responsibility to notify MTSU BEFORE cashing any private scholarship check(s).   

Scholarship Donors

Is your scholarship listed in the "Possible" section above? Do you believe that your award has been offered to an MTSU student within the last five years? Visit our Scholarship Donors page for information about how to request a listing in the "Confirmed" section above.

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Updated April 2013