Student Technology Assistant (STA) Program Skills Assessment

The skills assessment will allow us to identify your skill and knowledge levels.  This will in turn help us to place you in a position that will best utilize your abilities.

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  1. __________ is a spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, develop professional-looking reports, publish organized data on the Web, and access real-time data from Web sites.
    1. Microsoft Word
    2. Microsoft Excel
    3. Microsoft Access
    4. Microsoft Publisher
  2. ___________ is a comprehensive database management system (DBMS) that can be used to create a database; add, change, and delete data in a database; sort data in a database; retrieve data from the database; and create forms and reports using the data in a database.
  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Microsoft Outlook
  3. Microsoft Access
  4. Microsoft Front Page
  1.  ________ is a complete presentation graphics program that allows users to produce professional-looking presentations.
    1. Microsoft Publisher
    2. Microsoft Front Page
    3. Microsoft Photo Draw
    4. Microsoft PowerPoint
  2.  _________ is a desktop publishing (DTP) program that allows users to design and produce professional-quality documents (newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards, Web sites, and so on) that combine text, graphics, and photographs.
  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Microsoft Publisher
  3. Microsoft Access
  4. Microsoft Excel
  1. ________ is a Web page authoring and site management program that allows users to create and manage professional-looking Web sites on the Internet or an intranet.
  1. Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Microsoft PhotoDraw
  3. Microsoft FrontPage
  4. Microsoft Publisher
  1.  In MS Office 2010, to save an existing document with a different file name, click the ________________.
  1. Save button on the Quick Access toolbar
  2. Save as on the File menu
  3. Save As command on the office button
  4. New button on office button
  1. The first option for a student who wants to change the password of his/her PipelineMT account is:
  1. Go to the OIT Office/call the helpdesk and ask for help.
  2. Clicking the "I cannot remember my password" link on the Pipeline login page.
  3. To forget about it and be miserable with his/her old password.
  4. To download, print, and submit a change password from from the ITD web page.
  1. When a student is going to print PowerPoint class notes, you make sure that it is printing six slides per page by:
  1. Checking that the Slideshow option is working.
  2. Going to File Tab/Print, select 6 slides under "full page slides".
  3. Going to Office Button|Print, selecting "Slides" under "Print what" section, and selecting 6 slides per page.
  4.  Going to Office Button|Print, checking the "Collate" box, and clicking on OK.
  1. The select a group of words, ___________.
  1. click the Group button on the Formatting toolbar
  2. double-click anywhere within the group to be selected
  3. drag through the characters to be selected
  4. right-click the first and last characters of the group to be selected
  1.  In MS office 2010, you can add a graphic to your document by using the ____________.
  1. Picture command under the Insert Ribbon
  2. Drawing Object command on the Format menu
  3. Frame command on the Insert Ribbon
  4. Picture command on the Format menu

    11.    To maintain the proportion of a graphic, press the SHIFT key while dragging a corner sizing handle.

  1. true
  2. false

    12.    In MS Word 2011, to change the default margin settings, Margins under the_______ tab on the ribbon menu.

  1. Insert
  2. Page Layout
  3. Review
  4. View

    13.    In Microsoft Word 2010, when _______ is selected in the Table AutoFormat dialog box, Word automatically adjusts the widths of the columns based on the amount of         text in the table.

  1. AutoSize
  2. AutoEnter
  3. AutoFit
  4. AutoCorrect

    14.    To instruct Word to stop bulleting paragraphs, the _______ is pressed twice.

  1. ENTER key
  2. SHIFT key
  3. ALT key
  4. CTRL key


    15.    In Excel, the intersection of a row and a column is called a(n)__________.

  1. end-of-cell mark
  2. cell
  3. gridline
  4. style


    16.    In MS Word or Excel when you are at the rightmost cell in a row, press the _________ to move to the first cell in the next row.

  2. SHIFT key
  3. ENTER key
  4. TAB key

    17.    In MS Word, a decimal-aligned tab stop is used if you have a series of numbers that you want aligned on the decimal point.

  1.  true
  2. false


  1. In MS Word, to add a row or column to a table, click where you want to insert, click Layout Tab on the Table Tools  menu, point to insert, click the correct insert command in "Rows and Columns" section.
    1. true
    2. false
  2. In MS Word, to remove a custom tab stop, point to the tab marker on the ruler and then drag the tab marker down and out of the ruler.
    1. true
    2. false


  3. If you want Word to automatically wrap text around the table, hold down the __________while you draw the table.
    1. CTRL
    2. SHIFT
    3. TAB


  4. To single-space the contents of a table, you first would_____________.
  1. place the insertion point at the top-right corner of the table
  2. select the entire table
  3. select the table title
  4. press CTRL+1

    22.     In MS Word, to select text in a previous cell in a table, ___________.

  1. press the SHIFT+TAB keys
  2. press the TAB key
  3. press the ENTER key
  4. press the SPACEBAR

    23.    To insert a Header or Footer in MS Word 2010, you select the Insert Tab on the ribbon menu and then select either header or footer.

  1. true
  2. false

    24.    When a file is saved, Excel automatically appends the extension________ to the entered file name, which stands for Excel workbook.

  1.  .exc
  2.  .wbk
  3.  .docx
  4.  .xlsx

    25.    In Excel, a range can be entered by typing the beginning cell reference, a _________, and the ending cell reference.

  1. colon (:)
  2. hyphen (-)
  3. slash (/)
  4. tilde (~)

    26.    The ________not only deletes the contents from a range, but also copies the range to the Office Clipboard.

  1. Undo button or Undo command
  2. Cut button or Cut command
  3. Delete button or Delete command
  4. All of the above

    27.    Excel’s ___________provides a convenient means to add the numbers in a range of cells.

  1. MAX function
  2. AVERAGE function
  3. COUNT function
  4. SUM function

    28.     If a print area is not selected, Excel automatically selects a print area on the basis of used cells.

  1. true
  2. false

    29.    To toggle between the values version and the formulas version of a worksheet, press ______.


    30.    The __________preceding a formula is an important part of the formula, because it alerts Excel that a formula or function is being entered and not text.

  1. at sign (@)
  2. dollar sign ($)
  3. percent sign (%)
  4. equal sign (=)

    31.    In Excel , to set a column width to best fit, ____________boundary of the column heading above row 1.

  1. click the left
  2. double-click the left
  3. click the right
  4. double-click the right

    32.    To select the nonadjacent range F11, H11, and I11, select cell F11, and then, while holding down the ________ drag through the range H11:I11.

  1. SHIFT
  2. ALT
  3. CTRL
  4. HOME

    33.    In Excel, to start a new line in a cell, press ___________after each line, except for the last line, which is completed by clicking the Enter box or pressing the ENTER key.


    34.    Borders can be removed by selecting the range, selecting the Borders Button Tab on the home/font Menu, and clicking the NO BORDER Button from the BORDERS Drop Down Menu.

  1. true
  2. false

    35.     In Access, if a key appears in front of a field in the Table window, such as that shown in the accompanying figure, it means the field is the _________ for the table.

  1. primary key
  2. row selector
  3. page header
  4. detail line

    36.     In Access, to view and then print a report from the Database window, click the REPORT Button on the CREATE Tab, and then click _____________ on the shortcut menu.

  1. View Report
  2. Open
  3. Print
  4. Print Preview

    37.    In Access, to move from the upper pane, the one where fields are defined, in the Table window to the lower pane, the one where field properties are defined, press the ___________key.

  1. F8
  2. F7
  3. F6
  4. F5

    38.     In Access, to change to landscape orientation to print a table, click the File Tab | PRINT | PRINT PREVIEW Button and then click on the         LANDSCAPE Button.

  1. true
  2. false

    39.    In Access, to preview what printed copy will look like, use Print Preview.

  1. true
  2. false

    40.     In PowerPoint, the __________ button allows you to display a presentation in black and white before you print.

  1. Grayscale
  2. Grayshade
  3. Black and White
  4. Monochrome

    41.    In PowerPoint, to check a presentation for spelling errors, click the _________ button on the Review Tab.

  1. Error Checker
  2. Spelling
  3. AutoCorrect
  4. Style Checker

    42.    In PowerPoint, the extension of _______ is added automatically to a file name when you save a PowerPoint presentation.

  1. .pptx
  2. .txt
  3. .pow
  4. .docx

    43.    PowerPoint can produce slides from an outline created in Microsoft Word, if you save the outline as a(n) ________ file.

  1. plain text
  2. RTF
  3. BMP
  4. either a or b

    44.    In PowerPoint, animation effects can be applied to text but not to objects

  1. true
  2. false

    45.    In PowerPoint, if you select an incorrect box style or want to return to the previous style after selecting a style, you can pres __________.

  1. CTRL+Z
  2. F1
  3. ESC
  4. CTRL+R
  1. When MS PowerPoint prints out black slides, which of the following should you do?
    1. Try printing in Gray scale
    2. Change the background by selecting another design template
    3. Select Format | Remove Background option
    4. A or B
  2. What is the correct way to enter formulas in Microsoft Excel?
    1. Select Insert | Formula
    2. Type in () before the formula
    3. Type the formula in parenthesis ()
    4. Type in = before the formula
  3. What are the ways you can open Windows Explorer in Windows 7?
    1. Right click on MY COMPUTER, and select EXPLORE
    2. Press Ctrl + E
    3. Press Windows key + E
    4. A and C

    49.    When opening a file with MS Word, you cannot find the file in the list of files displayed. What do you do?

  1. Change the File list to All
  2. Select File | Display All Files
  3. Change the "Files of Type" to All Files
  4. Select File Type | All

    50.    How do you change the name of a file?

  1. Select File | Change Name
  2. Right click on the file and select Rename
  3. Select File |Change
  4. Right click on the file and select Change name

    51.    In PowerPoint, what can you do to change the page layout, when pages print sideways on paper?

  2. Click on the PAGE SETUP Button on the HOME Tab
  4. Click the PAGE SETUP Button on the DESIGN Tab

    52.     In PowerPoint, beside clip art, you can insert other types of pictures into your presentation.

  1. true
  2. false

    53.    _____________ can be used to discard unneeded documents or files.

  1. My Documents
  2. Recycle Bin
  3. My Computer
  4. Network Neighborhood

    54.    A student doesn’t know where the document was saved. Where is the option located that will help you find the document?

  1. Start button
  2. Taskbar button area
  3. Quick Launch toolbar
  4. Tray status area

    55.    What is a Flash Drive?  

  1. A device that allows a camera to have a flash for dark pictures
  2. An electronic storage device
  3. Another name for a floppy drive
  4. A propulsion system faster than a HyperDrive

    56.    In Windows 7, additional installation may be required to properly load a flash drive.

  1. true
  2. false

    57.    To view all active and running programs in Windows,

  1. Click on Start | Programs
  2. See the icons on the taskbar
  3. Click on Control Panel | Add / Remove programs
  4. Press Alt-Ctrl-Del to run the Task Manager

    58.     _________ means press and release the left mouse button.

  1. Point
  2. Click
  3. Drag
  4. Double-click
  1. Scrolling can be accomplished in all of the following ways except ____________.
    1. click the scroll arrows
    2. click the scroll bar
    3. dragging the scroll box
    4. dragging the scroll arrows
  2. To rename a file, point to the file name in the Contents pane of the Exploring – My Files Window, ________, type the new file name, and then press the ENTER key.
    1. click the file name
    2. double-click the file name
    3. click the file name twice (but do not double-click)
    4. drag the file name into the Folders pane