2016 - 2017 University Curriculum Committee

Two (2) Faculty Each Undergraduate College
Name Division/Department Term
Lei Miao Basic and Applied Sciences/Engineering Technology 2016-2018
Virginia Hemby-Grubb Business/Marketing 2016-2018
Vacant Behavioral and Health Sciences 2016-2018
Vacant College of Education 2016-2018
Theresa McBreen-Chair Liberal Arts/Foreign Languages and Literatures 2016-2018
Peter McCluskey Liberal Arts/English 2016-2018
Marsha Barsky Liberal Arts/Theatre and Dance 2016-2017
Mike Boyle University College/University Studies 2016-2018
Alan Musicant Behavioral and Health Sciences/Psychology 2015-2017
Terrence Lee Basic and Applied Sciences/Chemistry 2015-2017
Sean Salter Business/Economics and Finance 2016-2017
Karen Reed Library 2015-2017
Sheila Otto Director, General Education Ex-Officio
Teresa Thomas Director, Enrollment Technical Services Ex-Officio
Susan Fieldhouse Registrar Ex-Officio
Mitzi Brandon Curriculum Specialist Ex-Officio


Two (2) Students/Upper Class Representatives
Name Division/Department Term
Shantel Pettigrew Student 2016-2017
Daisha Arnold Student 2016-2017