Distance Education and NonTraditional Programs

Online Courses and Degree Programs

MTSU has developed many different programs that are designed to help those who generally cannot attend classes on campus on a regular basis.  One of the most popular is our Adult Degree Completion Program which was developed to help returning students with other obligations complete their degree.  A major component of this program is the Prior Learning Assessment program with allows some students to earn credit for university level training and knowledge that they may have gained outside of the normal classroom environment.  All of our online and hybrid degree programs have special features that have been designed to benefit our students.

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State and federal laws require colleges and universities to be authorized to offer online degree programs in states other than their own.  Click here for detail information about availability of MTSU Online courses and degree programs in your state.

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MTSU offers five types of online courses -- MTSU Online, Hybrid, Accelerated Online, Synchronous Online, and RODP (Regents Online Degree Program). These courses are taught primarily over the internet and taken for university credit. RODP and distance education courses have additional fees (review the Tuition and Fees Schedule) and some courses may require prior approval from the instructor or advisor. Courses may also require proctored exams.

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MTSU Online Courses

Hybrid Courses
Hybrid courses consist of a combination of online and on-ground instruction. Instruction is primarily conducted online with face-to-face meetings limited to a total of 15 hours for the semester. The number of on-ground meetings will vary depending upon the instructor's requirements. Our hybrid programs provide you with a flexible course schedule that works around your life, and also an opportunity to meet with MTSU faculty and your peers in a face-to-face experience.

Some hybrid courses require a permit to register.

Accelerated Online Courses
These online courses are offered for 8 weeks in Fall and Spring semesters. Students can only register for 9 hours in each part of term (A1 or A2). Students can mix accelerated courses with full term courses but cannot exceed 18 hours total for the semester. Students must register for the accelerated courses during regular registration. Students will not be allowed to add the A2 courses after late registration ends. For more information, call 615-898-5611.

Accelerated courses will not even exchange with full-term or RODP courses once the semester begins.

Synchronous Online Courses
Synchronous online classes meet online at the time/days of week specified in RaiderNet. Students will receive an email from the instructor regarding course access and should check their MTSU email account. A reliable computer with, at minimum a DSL Internet (broadband) connection is needed to successfully access this course. Hardware requirements include headphones, earbuds speakers, and may include a microphone and/or web cam. During the class, students can hear and/or see the professor, and communication with the professor may take place through a microphone or text chat window.

RODP Courses
The Regents Online Degree Program (RODP) allows you choose your "home campus" from among Tennessee's 6 state universities awarding Bachelor's and Master's degrees, its 13 community colleges providing Associate's degrees and 27 Technology Centers offering certificates and diplomas. Upon completion, your credentials will be awarded and conferred by your on-ground home campus even though you took your courses online. The institutions and their programs are recognized by numerous national and regional accreditation associations.

Students may register through Pipeline for either type of online course once any permits or overrides have been entered for the student.