Unity Celebration Award Nominations

The Unity Celebration is a tradition that has been around since 1996, where we honor our unsung heroes. The nominees must meet the following criteria: age 50 or older who have resided in the Middle Tennessee area for 20 years or more and who have made outstanding contributions to their community.

Nominations must only be submitted in one category. If you have questions regarding the appropriate category for your nomination, please feel free to call 615-898-5812.

The deadline to submit nominations is January 5, 2024.

Category Details


This award recognizes an outstanding educator who has shown remarkable dedication and excellence to students and fellow educators. He/she are active in the community. 

Community Service

This award recognizes a person who has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to public service. He/she has dedicated time and energy to community service endeavors that have made positive contributions to individuals and/or organizations.

Advocate of Civility

This award recognizes a person who have taken meaningful steps to promote a more civil public discourse and who epitomize the highest professional standards of civility.

Excellence in Sports 

This award recognizes a person or team regardless of gender of sport that made a significant, groundbreaking contribution in the realm of activities that transcendent during that era.

Contribution to Black Arts

This award recognizes a person who has excelled in the area(s) of music, dance, theatre and/or visual arts. This award is ideal for someone who has pronounced dedication to the arts and has freely shared their talent to enhance the Black Community or represent the community in a positive way.