Air Traffic - Collegiate Training Initiative FAQ

I already have a college degree. ; Can I just take the AT-CTI classes?
No. You must complete the classes necessary to obtain a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Aerospace from MTSU. Check out the transfer website to see which classes from your school that will transfer to MTSU.

How long does the program take to complete?
First-time college students and student with some college credit will usually take four years to complete the program following the suggested schedule. Students with a previous bachelor's degree do not have to have a minor so the program can usually be completed in around 18 months.

How many students are enrolled in the AT-CTI program at MTSU?
As of 2009 there are approximately 100 students in the AT-CTI program.

How long is the time between graduation and going to Oklahoma City?
As of 2009 the average wait time ranges from 6 months to 1 year.

Do you provide tours of the Aerospace Department?
Yes. For a tour of the Aerospace department call 615-898-2788. We also highly recommend a campus tour.

Are MTSU students successful at the FAA's training academy in Oklahoma City?
Yes; as of January 2010, over 99% of MTSU AT-CTI students that have gone to Oklahoma City have successfully completed the FAA training.

What is the average cost of the AT-CTI program?
Most of the costs are covered by tuition. Check the current class schedule book or the tuition website to check on class fees.

How do I get in-state tuition?
There are several ways to obtain in-state status for fee paying purposes. Contact the MTSU admissions office at 615-898-2111.

Do I need a get an FAA medical exam to attend MTSU?
Air Traffic Controllers are required to hold a first class medical. This is not required for admission to MTSU, but all AT-CTI students must take a medical that is completed by MTSU Student Health Services. ; We require this so students will know if they can pass the first class medical once they are hired by the FAA. To schedule an exam with Student Health Services, visit the Health Services website.

Is there an age limit for the AT-CTI Program?
While MTSU has no restrictions on the age of a student, the FAA will not hire anyone as an air traffic controller who has reached his/her 31st birthday. The amount of coursework you need to complete the program (i.e. 18 months up to 4 years) will determine how much time you need. Students should plan to have at least one year after graduation before reaching age 31. If you are on the waiting list for two years and have not been hired you may file one year extensions up to age 31.

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