Aerospace Dispatch and Scheduling Concentration

Major in Aerospace

Concentration: Flight Dispatch and Scheduling

The Flight Dispatch and Scheduling concentration offers instruction designed to meet the aviation industry's needs by preparing professional, corporate, and airline flight dispatchers and schedulers. Selected general studies and minor courses are interwoven with required aerospace courses to provide students with a foundation for careers in this area. This concentration requires the completion of:

  1. 40 semester hours in aerospace courses listed below;
  2. A minor of 18 semester hours to be selected from one of the following: Geography/Geology, Computer Science, Information Systems or other science or business-related field;
  3. Other specific required courses as listed below.
The mission of the Aircraft Dispatch concentration is to prepare students for the aircraft dispatch profession. In addition to obtaining the FAA certification, students receive a broad-based education in the areas of knowledge necessary to perform dispatcher functions to ensure their ability to operate at the highest level of safety.