Undergraduate Minor In Gerontology

The interdisciplinary Minor in Gerontology is designed for students interested in studying aging and the elderly or working with the older adult population. The minor provides students the opportunity to examine biological, psychological, sociological, and cultural perspectives on aging and is designed to compliment a variety of majors. Students who complete the Aging Studies minor will gain the academic knowledge and skills required for studying and working effectively with older persons.

Program Requirements

The minor requires the successful completion of 15 semester hours. All students are required to take GERO 2600. The remaining 12 hours may be selected from approved departmental courses. Students may not take more than six hours from a single department. To strengthen research or applied skills, students are encouraged to complete either GERO 4800 Special Projects or GERO 4900 Practicum.

Interdisciplinary Courses

GERO 2600 Introduction to Gerontology
GERO 4030 Topics in Gerontology
GERO 4800 Special Projects
GERO 4900 Practicum

Departmental Courses

CDFS 3300 Caring Across Generations
CDFS 4390 Families in Later Life
CDFS 4391 Aging Health and Development
CDIS 4800 Speech and Language Disorders in the Adult Population
N FS 4210 Nutrition in Aging
NURS 3370 Health and Gerontology
PSY 4610 Adult Psychology and Aging
PSY 4630 Death and Dying
LSTS 3380 Disabilities and Diversity in Leisure, Sports, and Tourism
LSTS 4470 Leisure and Aging
SOC 4020 Sociology of Aging
SOC 4040 Health Care Delivery Issues
S W 3170 Family Caregiving Across the Life Span
S W 4430 Social Work with the Terminally Ill

For more information, contact J. Brandon Wallace, Aging Studies Program Director, at (615) 898-5976 or email aging@mtsu.edu.