AIT Awards and Grants

Innovation Grants

The Instructional Technologies Development Committee (ITDC) makes funding recommendations to the Information Technology Division (ITD) for projects related to the exploration of new technologies and/or the innovative and effective integration of existing technologies into teaching and learning - projects that can demonstrate improved and more effective course instruction in meeting instructional objectives with technology thus supporting student success. For more information, see Innovation Grant Guidelines.

  • 2018 Innovation Grants awarded:
    • Eric Detweiler, Department of English
      • Project Title: Portable Startup Resources for Lab-Oriented Teaching with Video Games
        • An exploration of "scholarly frameworks from English studies, game studies, and related fields to analyze video games as a narrative form. "
    • Stephanie Dean, John Mechant, Marie Elliot and Allison Sultan - College of Media and Entertainment
      • Project Title: Immersive Storytelling Techniques and Technologies 
        • Development of an Immersive Storytelling Lab."to develop methodologies for effective teaching and learning of immersive storytelling techniques across the curriculum in a dedicated, collaborative development space at MTSU."
    • Sheri Selph, Department of Arts and Design
      • Project Title: Adding UI/UX large-format Design to the Graphic Design Curriculum
        • Expansion teaching of user interface design (UI) and user experience design (UX) within the art and graphic design curriculum with the addition of hardware and software to teach design for large- format, digital interactivity in our design labs in the Department of Art and Design.  
  • See list of all previous ITD Innovation grant recipients

Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Award 

The Outstanding Achievement in Instructional Technology Award is presented each year to faculty members who demonstrate excellence in the development of technology-based teaching materials, as well as the successful integration of instructional technology into the classroom. Up to three distinguished awards are chosen and accompanied by a check for $3,000 from the MTSU Foundation. Award recipients are honored at the Fall Convocation in August.


The nominees will be asked to submit materials in support of their nomination that address the following:

  • Instructional materials development
    • Describe the technology-based teaching materials that you use.
    • Describe the procurement/development process.
    • Describe the hardware and software you utilize in the development phase.
  • Classroom/curriculum integration
    • Describe how the materials are used in your courses.
    • Describe how the materials are used by your students outside of your classroom.
    • Describe the hardware and software used in the classroom.
  • Materials evaluation
    • Describe your technology-based materials evaluation process.
    • Outline your evaluation results.
    • Describe how your evaluation results are used.
  • Mentoring and publication
    • Illustrate how you share your instructional materials and knowledge with your colleagues.
    • Describe any publication, conference participation, or educational training related to instructional technology.
  • Additional information
    • Describe your methods for learning more about instructional technology.
    • Describe your requirements for student use of instructional technology.
    • Highlight your plans for future use of instructional technology.
    • Innovation: Describe how what you do is unique to your area.
    • Impact: Describe how your use of Instructional Technology has impact beyond your classroom (community, university, OR globally).
    • Note: Members of the committee may not nominate themselves nor accept a nomination for the Outstanding Instructional Technology award (individually or as a group member) while serving on the commitee.

Nomination and Selection procedures

  • A call for nominations will be sent out in January. 
    • Submission deadline: February 2019
  • The nominees' supporting materials should be sent digitally to Faculty Instructional Technology Center at
    • Submission Deadline: March 11, 2019
  • The Instructional Technologies Development Committee review the materials and select finalists.
  • Finalists will be invited to demonstrate their technology-based instructional materials before the Instructional Technologies Development Committee.
  • Awards are announced at the Fall Convocation in August.
  • See list of all previous Outstanding Achievement award recipients

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