Army Nursing

Army Nursing is an exciting career field with many opportunities. 

MTSU Army ROTC offers four, three or two year Army ROTC Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Nursing scholarships which pay full tuition, $1,200 yearly book allowance and a stipend of $300 per month for a freshman, increasing $50 per month each succeeding college year to $500 per month the senior year.  The Army ROTC Course is tailored for Nursing students with full emphasis and priority placed on the demanding nurse curriculum.  Because admittance to the Nursing Program is so selective, a Nurse student who passes a medical exam, possesses good character and passes a physical fitness test can be fully eligible to receive an Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship.

GRFD Nursing Scholarships help MTSU Army ROTC Nurse Cadets to graduate with their BSN degrees and become Army commissioned officers, pass the NCLEX, and serve as Army Nurse Corps officers just one weekend per month, and two weeks of annual training with their Army Reserve medical unit.  This amounts to between 48-55 days of service each year.  The rest of your time is yours to control - in the nursing settings you desire and choose.

Interested students should contact Mr. John Bautch at 1-888-MTA-ROTC or 615-898-2470.

"The Army Nurse Corps is one of the best career choices a nurse can make. It offers exceptional education and advancement opportunities in a rigorous clinical environment. And the rewards are immeasurable: leadership experience, specialty training, and the pride of serving one's country."

--Dr. Patty L. Hawken, RN

For More Information Contact:
Department of Military Science
Middle Tennessee State University
Forrest Hall, P.O. Box 52
Murfreesboro, TN 37132-0052
(615) 898-5702 or 898-2470
E-mail: Mr. John Bautch