Murfree Art Gallery

A collaborative project with the Rutherford County Property Assessor and the MTSU Departments of Art, Electronic Media, and Photography, the Murfree Art Gallery is located in room 218 on the second floor of the Rutherford County Office Building at 319 Maple Street in Murfreesboro.

Would you like to show your work in a gallery? Reserve a spot here! When reserving a gallery showing slot, you are responsible for installing your work before the opening date. If for any reason you can no longer fulfill your reserved spot, you must cancel, at a minimum, 2 weeks prior to your opening date. If your cancellation does not fall within the allotted cancellation date, you will be restricted form showing in any of our galleries for the remaining academic school year.

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 Spring 2022 Calendar

Dates    Exhibit

Mon., Jan 24 – Wed., Feb 23

Install: Fri. Jan 21, Uninstall: Th. Feb 24

Mixed media student exhibit featuring paintings and digital illustration

Mon., Feb 28 – Wed, Apr 6

Install: Fri., Feb 25; Uninstall: Th., Apr 7


Mon., Apr 11 – Wed., May 25

Install: Fri., Apr 8; Uninstall: Th., May 26


Mon., May 30–Thur., August 17

Install: 5/27; U: 8/18–Bridge-Semesters Exhibit

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