5th 12x12: 2016 Award Recipients

MTSU Arts Award (Best of Show)

Ray Ogar - Devouring Neon, False Identity Ghost 1 - Digital Composite from Collage

BOS - 2016 12x12 Exhibit 

Liberal Arts Award (First Place)

Christopher McNulty - Thirty Pieces (Exhuming Charles Kettering) - Lead, Plexiglas. and wood

 Christopher McNulty 2016 12x12

Department of Art and Design Award (Second Place)

Charles Clary - chutra-a-diddlittis movemnent #2 - hand cut paper and wallpaper on distressed drywall

 Charles Clary 12x12 2016

Award of Excellence

Hans Mortensen - Alphabet - paper

 Hans Mortensen 2016 12x12

Awards of Merit (Honorable Mention)

  Anne HavelAnne Havel - Grapple w/ Arctic Sea Ice - jewelry: torch-fired enamel on copper
  Katherine DeanKatherine Dean - Alternative Landscape #003 - Polaroid 600 film & reclaimed frame
  Gregory SmithGregory Smith - Untitled 1 - plaster, wire, organic materials, and latex paint
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