Center for Asian Studies


MTSU established the Center for Asian Studies in 2009 as part of a strategy to increase enrollment and academic enrichment through international partnerships. Organized under the Vice Provost for International Affairs, the center supports and initiates efforts to make International education at MTSU an integrated and collaborative effort at all levels of our university.

Recent Goals and Objectives

  • Successful recruitment in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Collaborated with Education Ministry of Vietnam for its governmental scholarships. Established exchange program with universities in Indonesia. Worked with agents in Malaysia for recruitment efforts.
  • Productive exchange programs with universities in Taiwan
  • Successful joint degree programs with universities in China
  • Providing resources for the study of Asian arts, culture, language and research in agriculture and botany
  • Revitalize the Asian Studies Minor at MTSU
  • Outreach to Thailand to engage and reactivate a large population of MTSU alumni in that country

Recent Coverage of Center's Outreach

Saturday Chinese Classes

Spring Semester: 1/20/2024

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Chinese Painting Workshop

Four sessions starting  on February 10th


Spring HSK Test:

Test Date: March 16th, 2024

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March 1st, 2024

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