Education and General Functional Totals

Each Educational and General Function has a block of accounts assigned to their area. This block of accounts covers all departments within each of the functions. The totals for each individual function are frozen when the Spring Estimated Budget is submitted. Therefore, no budget entries can be made that will cross functions.

For example, an entry to transfer money from Developmental Studies 2-18100 to Child Development Center 2-44850 would not be allowed, because it would decrease the Instruction Functional Total and increase Academic Support Functional Total. However, an entry from Developmental Studies 2-18100 to any account that falls within the 2-1xxxx function would be allowable.

Function Account
Instruction 2-1xxxx
Research 2-2xxxx
Public Service 2-3xxxx
Academic Support 2-4xxxx
Student Services 2-5xxxx
Institutional Support 2-6xxxx
Operation & Maintenance of Plant 2-7xxxx
Scholarships & Fellowships 2-8xxxx