Jones College of Business Undergraduate Advising

Our Mission

The Jones College of Business Advising Center promotes student success and retention through engagement activities; guides students in the decision-making process for attaining educational, career, and personal goals; assists students with academic planning to facilitate graduation; and makes internal and external referrals when necessary.
From left to right:  Paula CalahanAbby DavisAmie Donahue, and Kayli Jacobs
Paula Calahan    ADavis    ADonahue    KJacbos  
From left to right:  Lyle MorrisJoshua Sampson, Danielle Swartz-Koufman, Jackie Walker, and  Emily Yttri
    L Morris   J_Sampson    Danielle Swartz-Kaufman    Jackie Walker    Emily Ytti     
 Gretchen Leming, Advising Manager, Kirstie Boyd, Secretary, and  Melissa Hawkins, Graduation Analyst
Gretchen Leming    Kirstie Boyd    Melissa Hawkins
Questions? Email us at or call 615-904-8063
Skype Advising is available upon request.
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