Faculty Desktop Replacement

The Jones College of Business participates in the Faculty & Staff Desktop Replacement Program (DRP). This program is sponsored by MTSU's Office of Information Technology (OIT) and it occurs annually (if funding available.) OIT and the Jones College of Business identify computers that are 4 years old or more and target them for replacement. The number of computers to replace depends on the amount of funds available (not all elilgible computers are replaced on a given year.) Only the primary faculty/staff computer is eligible for replacement. The old computers are sent back to OIT. 

During this process, we require each faculty member to schedule an appointment to have their computer replaced. This process takes, on average, around three hours to complete per faculty member. To help make this process even quicker, we ask that each faculty member organize their files (move data to My Documents folder), and clean up any old files. 


  • Latest computer technology
  • Latest MS Office included
  • Security compliant OS

To schedule an appointment, please email or call:

  • Carlos Coronel
    • Email: carlos.coronel@mtsu.edu
    • Phone: (615) 898-2359
  • Phil Collins
    • Email: phiilip.collins@mtsu.edu
    • Phone: (615) 494-7703

Under certain circumstances, the Jones College of Business also provides funding to replace old faculty/satff computers. This is done on a case by case basis and only if funding is available.