Ethics Compliance

Middle Tennessee State University's ("MTSU" or "University") core community values includes a commitment to ethical conduct and integrity.  Promoting a culture of ethics additionally enhances the effectiveness of MTSU's overall compliance program, as well as aligns with the University's mission and strategic goals.  

As a higher educational institution, ethics is emphasized in MTSU's academic, operational, and research initiatives and activities.  At the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, MTSU employees also will be required to take online Ethics training.  Finally, and as part of its overall system of internal controls, MTSU has a committee that discusses and reviews ethics, privacy, and confidentiality within the University's Enterprise Compliance & Risk Management Committee ("ECRMC").  Additional information on the ECRMC's ethics, privacy, and confidentiality subcommittee can be found on the Office of Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management webpage.

The following are additional resources regarding ethics compliance at MTSU:

The Ethics Advisor for MTSU is the Assistant Vice President for Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management.  All allegations of ethics violations should be forwarded to the Office of Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management at  Please note, that all allegations and/or investigations regarding fraud, waste, or abuse are handled by the Office of Audit and Consulting Services.  The Office of Audit and Consulting Services can be reached at or at

For additional information on MTSU's Ethics policies, procedures, and resources, please contact