Intramural Registration

This year we have made a few adjustments to the registration process which are outlined below. As we make this transition together, we appreciate your patience and support. We can't wait to make this improvement to our programs and better serve you! 

Steps to Participate in IM Sports

  1. Every player will have to go to the Fusion IM Portal to pay their participation fees (information below). If you plan to purchase the 1 or 2 semester pass, you must do this before registering for a team.
  2. Teams: Captains will still come to the main office to fill out an entry form by the registration date as well as attend a captain's meeting at 4 pm on the Thursday following the registration date. Captains also need to form their team on IM leagues by 10:00 pm on the Friday after registration. All players for that team must be typed onto a roster and submitted to the Intramural office by 12:00 pm the following Monday. This roster must include players name, M number, email and phone number. (Please make sure each player on your roster completed Step 1). 
  3. Free Agents: Individual players without a team need to come to the Campus Recreation main office to fill out a Free Agent form by the end of the registration period. Free Agents will also need to attend the captain's meeting that is held at 4:00 pm on the Thursday following registration. Here you will receive all further information. 
  4. Once schedules are released, you MUST bring your student ID to the game in order to participate. 


There are now 3 options for Intramural Sports payment. Every participant will need to make their payment on the Fusion IM Portal or the app once it is released.

  1. Pay per Year: $50 and allows an individual to play in as many Intramural Sports as desired for an entire school year. 
  2. Pay per Semester: $30 and allows an individual to play in as many intramural sports as desired for an entire semester. 
  3. Per sport: $15 per sport and allows an individual to only play in the sport for which paid. 

1 Semester Pass 2 Semester Pass

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