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Below are some of the resources you will find in GoinGlobal:

Country Guides - features 40 countries with expert researched and written guides covering topics such as:

  • Job search resources
  • Work permit/visa regulations
  • Country-specific resume/CV guidelines and examples
  • Interview and cultural advice
  • Industry and employment trends
  • Embassy listings
  • Professional and social networking
  • Financial considerations

City Guides - covers 44 U.S. Cities including Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, and Birmingham, plus 6 Canadian cities.  Topics covered are similar to the Country Guides plus City Overview, Cost of Living, Top Companies, Chambers of Commerce, and Regional Cultural Advice. 

H1B Database - lists U.S. companies who have sponsored international students for H1B visas in the past year. Database is searchable by metro area or state. Employer lists can be sorted alphabetically or by number of H1B petitions submitted.

For International Students:

  1. H1B Database reveals to international students U.S. companies who have applied for H1B visas in the past year. 
  2. Association listings demonstrate where international students can go to network to obtain a visa sponsorship.
  3. For students returning to their home country, the Country Guides provide valuable job search resources.
  4. The Jobs/Internships listings are in English and the local language of the search country. 
  5. U.S./Canadian City Guides are useful to international students who may be interested in a particular city.

For Domestic Students:

  1. Country Guides assist students in understanding the country's culture and with locating international employment opportunities.
  2. Association listings provide students who are currently abroad with networking resources for employment abroad after graduation.
  3. The Jobs/Internships listings are in English and the local language of the search country.
  4. U.S./Canadian City Guides assist students looking for employment outside of the local area.

Terms of Use

The Career Development Center contracts with GoinGlobal to make its career and cultural information available to MTSU students. However, the Career Development Center cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any programs, information, or advice found on the GoinGlobal website. Further, any employment or internship arrangements made by the student using GoinGlobal resources are entirely the responsibility of the student and the employer/organization.

All users of these resources agree to hold harmless, release, and indemnify MTSU, its employees, and assigns, specifically, the Career Development Center and its representatives from any liability in connection with the student participation in the web resource and/or participating third parties.

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