College of Basic and Applied Sciences - Scholars Day 2017

Schlars DayCBAS Day was held on March 28th with a college wide poster session  located in the atrium of the Science  Building. 
  Over 100 posters were displayed in the lobby of the Science Bldg. 
  Judging results are as follows:


1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
  Kirsten Cunningham - Biology 
  Darcy Tabotabo- Biology                 
  Kayla Conner -Chemistry/Biology
David Nelson

Stephen Wright
Scott Handy/Erin McClelland

  1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
  Emily Smith - Biology
  Rachel Schultz - Geosciences
  Chelsea Harmon - Chemistry
Erin McClelland
Racha El Kadiri
Norma Dunlap
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
  Ali Ali - Biology
  Kiran Donthula - Biology
  Josh Reid - MSE (Biology Education)
Mo Salem

Preston MacDougall
Grant Gardner

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