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What tests are required for graduating seniors in Criminal Justice Administration?



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Criminal Justice Administration Resources

  1. Are you ready for Criminal Justice Administration? Check out this helpful questionnaire!
  2. Criminal Justice Administration homepage
  3. Scholarship options within Department of Criminal Justice Administration
    1. Criminal Justice scholarships
    2. MTSU Scholarship Info
  4. CJA Internship Placement

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Criminal Justice Administration FAQs

Finding an Advisor

How do I determine my advisor?

The name and contact information of your advisor is available on PipelineMT:
  • Log into PipelineMT by clicking the link at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on "Registration & Student Records" in the menu on the left.
  • Click on "Assigned Advisor(s)" in the box on the top right of the screen.
Alternately, you may visit our "Who Is My Advisor?" webpage then click on "Criminal Justice" to find your advisor's name.  Instructions for scheduling an advising appointment are available on the right and also at the bottom of that webpage.

Who do I see for Criminal Justice minor advising?

Minor advisors are not assigned; however, students are encouraged to meet with a Criminal Justice Administration academic advisor or a faculty member of interest. It is important to meet with the advisor who advises for your categorized last name, please see details above.

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CJA Majors and Minors

How do I declare a major or minor in criminal justice?

You may declare a major or minor in Criminal Justice Administration by using the online change of major form; visit our Advising FAQs webpage for a video tutorial. You'll need your catalog term, which can be found in PipelineMT:

  • Log into PipelineMT by clicking the link at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on "Registration & Student Records" in the menu on the left.
  • Scroll down to the "Academic Records" section.
  • Click on "Student Information".
  • Choose the current semester and click Submit.
  • The "Catalog Term" field is near the bottom of the page.

**Notice, please notify your assigned advisor of your interest in changing majors so the current advisor can provide contact information for the newly updated major advisor.**

What is required for the minor in criminal justice?

Review our guide for a list of courses required for a minor in Criminal Justice Administration. Please note: CJA 4300 may not be used for the 9 hours of electives, but may be taken by minors. Additionally, one course at the upper division level (3000-4000) must be completed at Middle Tennessee State University due to residency requirements.

What is required for a minor in homeland security?

Review our guide for a list of courses required for a minor in Homeland Security, which provides the complementary knowledge and educational foundation for students seeking careers in their uniquely chosen majors with homeland security concerns. The minor provides the students with an understanding of the operation of the criminal justice system, the methods and effects of terrorism, the means of providing security against terrorist acts in public and private businesses and industries, and the legal treatment of terrorist crimes including detection, investigation, prosecution, and constitutional issues.


Do you offer concentrations?

Yes, two CJA concentrations--Homeland Security and Law Enforcement--are possible for a student majoring in Criminal Justice. More details can be found on the CJA Program page.

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How do I prepare to graduate?

Please see the Student Forms section of our Advising FAQs webpage regarding the graduation forms to submit and when to submit them.

Please see the Graduating Senior section of our Advising FAQs webpage for information about the required senior exit exams.Major Field test information can be obtained from Shelly Higdon, the executive aide for the Department of Criminal Justice.

Mrs. Shelly Higdon, Executive Aide

Phone: 615-898-2630

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Academic Maps

Visit our Advising FAQs webpage for info about academic maps, what they are, and where to find them. Also see the CJA Program page for a complete list of requirements and electives. Note: Requirements are continually under revision, and there is no guarantee they will not be changed or revoked; contact the department and/or program area for current information.

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Upper Division Forms

Criminal Justice Administration 
Criminal Justice Administration: Homeland Security

Criminal Justice Administration: Law Enforcement

Visit our Advising Forms webpage for other helpful forms!

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Other Helpful Info

Have questions about upper division, intent to graduate, or other forms?  Need to know how to prepare for graduation or what exit exam is required?  Visit our Advising FAQs webpage for helpful info!

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Appointment Instructions

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