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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a graduation coaching appointment?

  • Click on the "Instructions" button below, and read through the instructions for making an appointment.
  • Click on the "Schedule Appointment" button below.
  • Set up an appointment using the following parameters:
    • College—CBHS
    • Appointment type—“Graduation Coaching—BHS Majors”
    • Advisor—Bonnie McCarty
  • Be sure to follow the "Additional Information" instructions on the form!

Do I need graduation coaching even if I’ve already talked with my advisor about graduation?

Yes, we recommend grad coaching for everyone!  We’ll cover more details than your advisor typically has time to discuss in a standard advising appointment.

Do I still need to meet with my regular academic advisor, after graduation coaching?

Generally, yes. Graduation coaching’s goal is an overall plan for completing your degree, versus a detailed plan for one semester (specific classes, department- and semester-specific info, etc).  Unless you’re graduating this semester and already registered for your final classes, I usually recommend an advising appointment in mid-semester to discuss your progress in your current classes and to plan for the upcoming term.

What is an advising folder?

Your advising folder is something you should use to hold your important academic records related to advising and your major, including anything that has been given to you by an advisor in the past, including an academic map, upper division form, etc.  

  • You may have received an official advising folder at Customs, if you attended a Customs session as a CBHS student. It’s labeled as CBHS advising, with a photo from some portion of campus; in recent semesters it has included an advising guide.
  • If you don’t have such a folder (didn’t attend Customs, attended as a different major, etc), you can use any folder of your choice.

In either case, be sure to add any past paperwork from your advisor to the folder and bring it to your grad coaching session!

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How can I check my progress toward my degree?

First, you can review the upper division form provided by your advisor at your most recent advising appointment.  It should help you check off which classes you have completed and which you still need.  Most majors also list the possible course options in cases where you can choose one of several classes, which can be helpful in planning future semesters.

Next, you can view your Degree Evaluation in PipelineMT.  This helps you see which classes are required for your academic program, which of them you’ve already taken, and which ones you have left to take.  It also lists GPA requirements and minimum hours requirements in various areas.

  • Log into PipelineMT.
  • Click on “Registration & Student Records”.
  • Click on the Degree Evaluation icon in the quick links box on the right.
  • Choose the current or upcoming semester and click Submit.
  • Click on one of the following and follow the instructions:
    • Previous Evaluations—To see Degree Evaluations that you (or someone else such as me) ran previously, based on the info available at that time
    • Generate New Evaluation—To run a new Degree Evaluation for your current major based on the latest info
    • What-If Analysis—To see your Degree Eval as if you were studying different majors or minors, to see what classes you would need for that academic program
  • Once you click on the link to run the evaluation, please give the system a couple of minutes to process your request.

Finally, come in for a graduation coaching appointment!  When you have earned 60 or more hours (or are approximately halfway through your degree program), make an appointment with Bonnie McCarty, the CBHS graduation coach.  During the session, you'll review a list of the classes you have left, go over other graduation requirements, and discuss a to-do list of actions you should take in the next few semesters to be on track to graduate.

I'm a senior.  Is it too late for graduation coaching?

We generally recommend that students attend a graduation coaching session when they have completed half of their degree program (around 60 earned hours, typically) and have roughly 2 years of classes left to complete.  Missed that milestone?  That's okay!  Come on in!  Graduation coaching is beneficial for all students, even those starting their final semester; many of the to-do list items occur in the last few months before graduation. 

(Be sure to visit the Graduating Senior section of our  FAQs page to find some helpful info for seniors!)

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