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Department of Social Work FAQs


Who is my advisor?

Social Work Major: Natalie Neel is the Academic Advisor for Pre-Social Work/Social Work. You may schedule an appointment with her at or contact her via email at

Social Work Minors: Natalie Neel is the advisor for the Social Welfare minor. Dr. Fontanesi-Seime is the advisor for the Health Care Services minor.

FAQS: Major and Minor Information

How do I declare a major/minor?
You may declare a major in Social Work or minor in Social Welfare by using the online Change of Major form; visit our Advising FAQs webpage for a video tutorial You'll need your catalog term, which can be found in PipelineMT:

  • Log into PipelineMT by clicking the link at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on "Registration & Student Records" in the menu on the left.
  • Scroll down to the "Academic Records" section.
  • Click on "Student Information".
  • Choose the current semester and click Submit.
  • The "Catalog Term" field is near the bottom of the page.

**Notice, please notify your assigned advisor of your interest in changing majors so the current advisor can provide contact information for the newly updated major advisor**

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When do I change from Pre-Social Work to Social Work?
The Social Work program is a candidacy major, and students must apply and be accepted into the program in order to become a Social Work major.

  1. When do I apply?
    Students will work with their advisor in order to determine when they will be eligible to apply. Most students apply for the program during their Junior Fall semesters after completing all of their general education and specific social work courses.
  2. What is required on the application/for acceptance into the program?
    You will find information about the application on the Social Work website.

Can I minor in Social Work?
Yes, a minor in Social Welfare and an interdisciplinary minor in Health Care Services is offered at MTSU.

What is required for the Social Welfare Minor?
The Social Welfare minor requires 15 semester hours.

Required Courses (3 hours): SW 2570
Four Social Work courses (12 hours) not restricted to majors.

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What is required for the Health Care Services Minor?
The minor in Health Care Services is interdisciplinary in nature with aging studies, health, psychology, social work, and sociology courses. Consisting of both traditional and pre-health science coursework, the program is designed to meet the needs of students wishing to work in a variety of health care settings.

15 hours are required to complete the minor in Health Care Services:

Required Courses (15 hours)

Select 15 hours from the following:

HLTH 2600 - Introduction to Health Professions
HLTH 3320 - Community and Public Health
HLTH 4270 - Bioethical Issues in Health Education
PSY 4050 - Applied Psychopharmacology
PSY 4650 - Health Psychology
PSY 4655 - Foundations of Mental Health Counseling
SOC 4030 - Topics in Gerontology
SOC 4360 - Medical Sociology
SW 4150 - Topics in Social Work
SW 4430 - Social Work with the Terminally Ill

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FAQS: Social Work: The Profession

What can I do with a BSW?
A social work degree will enable you to work in many different settings such as health care, rehabilitation, criminal justice, schools, government agencies, mental health, child and adult protective services, counseling, and many others. Some of the potential job titles for social workers include:

  • Child and Family Social Worker
  • Community Organizer
  • Medical Social Worker
  • Outreach Worker
  • School Social Worker
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Group Home Manager
  • Substance Abuse Social Worker
  • EAP Social Worker
  • Social Work Case Manager
  • Nephrology Social Worker
  • Lobbyist
  • Habilitation Specialist
  • Advocate Juvenile
  • Probation Officer
  • Activist
  • Hospice and Home Health Social Worker

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FAQs: Student Forms

What is the “upper division form”?
The upper division form is a binding document between advisors and students, which validates progression towards successful completion of general education, major, and minor credits. The upper division form is a working document that must be updated with grades received after each semester. Grades and all accompanying personal information on the upper division form must be accurate.

When should I complete and submit the upper division form?
The Upper Division form is included in your BSW application packet. It will be submitted to Graduation Analyst Angel Bowman during the semester you apply to the program.

What is the “intent to graduate” and when should I complete this form?
The Intent to Graduate form allows you to identify how you would like your name displayed on your diploma, and the location as to where you would like your diploma to be mailed. Furthermore, the form allows you to highlight your major and minor pursuits while enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University.

The intent to graduate form is also included in your BSW application packet and will be submitted to Graduation Analyst Angel Bowman when you apply to the BSW program.

What if I want to change my graduation date after submitting the upper division and intent to graduate forms?
If you need to update your graduation date, please contact Ms. Angel Bowman via your MTSU email and provide the following information:

Full Name, M#, Old Graduation Date, New Graduation Date

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Academic Maps
An academic map is a suggested four-year schedule of courses based on degree requirements in the undergraduate catalog. This sample schedule serves as a general guideline to help build a full schedule each term. Milestones, courses, and special requirements necessary for timely progress to complete a major are designated to keep you on track to graduate in four years. Missing milestones could delay your program.

This map is not a substitute for academic advisement; contact your advisor if you have any questions about scheduling or about your degree requirements. Also see the Social Work homepage for a complete list of requirements. Note: Requirements are continually under revision, and there is no guarantee they will not be changed or revoked; contact the department and/or program area for current information.

Academic maps can be accessed below:
Visit the MTSU Undergraduate Catalog; click on the Academic Map link on the left side of the page, then on S for Social Work. You may change the catalog term via the dropdown box in the top right corner of the page. Please make sure the catalog year matches your assigned catalog term in Pipeline:

  • Log into PipelineMT by clicking the link at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on "Registration & Student Records" in the menu on the left.
  • Scroll down to the "Academic Records" section.
  • Click on "Student Information".
  • Choose the current semester and click Submit.
  • The "Catalog Term" field is near the bottom of the page.

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Information for Graduating Seniors

What tests are required for graduating seniors?
Graduating seniors are required to take two exit exams: the major field test and the general education exam.

Major Field test information can be obtained from Dian White, the executive aide for the Department of Social Work. Major Field tests should be scheduled and completed during the expected semester of graduation.

Mrs. Dian White, Executive Aide
Phone: 615-898-2868

General Education Exit Exam information can be reviewed on the Senior Exit Exams webpage. Please Note: You will receive pertinent information via your MT Mail account, so it is pivotal to review your emails during your time at the university, and most importantly, during the final two semesters of your educational career.

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Other Helpful Info

Have questions about upper division, intent to graduate, or other forms?  Need to know how to prepare for graduation or what exit exam is required?  Visit our Advising FAQs webpage for helpful info!

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