New Freshmen

New freshmen must attend a CUSTOMS Orientation program. CUSTOMS is offered every summer for Fall semester and December for Spring semester. It provides students and their families an opportunity to come to campus to experience the MTSU academic and student services programs, as well as registering for classes. For further information, please contact the CUSTOMS Orientation Office or call 615-898-5533.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new freshman. What steps should I take to be prepared for the upcoming semester?

New freshmen need to complete the admission process first. Visit How to Apply and click on First-Time Freshmen for more information; contact the MTSU Admissions Office (615- 898-2111) for any questions concerning applications. After you are accepted, register for Freshman CUSTOMS (new student orientation).

I'm interested in the nursing program.  Can I meet with an advisor?

Please visit our Nursing Info webpage for info on how to learn about the nursing program.

As noted above, selection of and registration for classes will occur during your Customs new student orientation session.  There is no need to schedule an individual advising appointment for that purpose.

How can I find information about a particular major?


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I've taken dual-enrollment classes through another school. How can I determine whether the classes will transfer to MTSU?

Use the Transfer Equivalencies at MTSU (TEAM) site to check:

  • Go to How to Apply.
  • Click on “Transfer”, then “Transfer Equivalencies”.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Click on "Continue to Search Equivalencies".
  • In the search box at the bottom, type a portion of the school’s name then hit Enter. Alternately, you can click on a state then choose a school from the list.
  • In the search box at the top, type the course subject ("MATH"), specific course number ("MATH 1710"), or all or part of the course name ("Algebra"). 
  • If you’re having trouble finding a class, try putting in different combinations of spaces and zeros (e.g., "ENGL0202" vs "ENGL 202"), or just put the class's subject prefix (e.g., "ENGL" to see a list of all of the English classes) then narrow it down from there.

Please note that the T.E.A.M. website provides only a general overview; your transcript will be officially evaluated and actual equivalencies determined upon admittance to Middle Tennessee State University. 

Have you taken AP or CLEP tests?  Visit MTSU's Credit by Examination webpage for required scores and other helpful info.

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Helpful Links

Getting Prepared for Your First Semester As a College Student

Preparation for college is important to your academic success.  Click the link above to learn what the U.S. News and World Report explain are the 10 Ways to Prepare for College.  

Student Support Services Contacts

Need to contact the MT One Stop, Student Health Services, or the ITD Help Desk?  Wondering where to find the Game Room, Career Development Services, or the Tutoring Spot?  Check out this helpful guide for the contact info of some of the many student services available to you at MTSU!

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Be sure to also visit the Toolbox webpage for your major, using the links on the left!

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