Services and Solutions

The COHRE Advantage:  High-Powered Solutions for Sustainable Organizational Impact

At COHRE, we help make things happen. It's about bringing true change that starts at the core of every organization. More than just having the right answers - It's about developing the right tools and people to ensure lasting results for your organization. Our broad-based expertise enables us to provide integrated, system-wide solutions using a multifunctional and cross-departmental approach. COHRE is the perfect place to strengthen your organization and make the most of your human capital.  Services and solutions include, but are not limited to:  Leadership development and strategic planning, training and development, job analysis, performance management and appraisal, organizational assessment, and surveys. 

Our consulting services are focused on understanding the needs of your organization and the solutions that will have the greatest impact. COHRE utilizes the latest research and management practices that help you make the best decisions in choosing new hires, developing your leadership pipeline, and assessing your organizational pulse.  While these are broad categories, the projects we design will be customized to your organization's needs and your employees. COHRE strives to give you the personalized tools that will help you not only to improve, but to excel.