Success Stories

COHRE has an outstanding track record of success in helping organizations meet their human resources and organizational development needs.  Below are some examples of organizations with whom COHRE has partnered with to build high-performance workforces and systems.   

Rutherford County

Leadership Development

Rutherford County 

COHRE created the Rutherford County Leadership Academy (RCLA) in an ongoing partnership with Rutherford County. The first year was mainly executive-level clients, but in the following years the academy included middle and lower levels of management. The academy uses an active practice approach spaced over time to allow for the acquisition and retention of leadership skills. RCLA has consistently obtained high ratings from individuals who have gone through the training.


Tennessee Small Business Development Center

Strategic Planning


The Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) worked with COHRE to create a new strategic plan for their Murfreesboro location. In addition to creating a new plan, COHRE also developed a scorecard that measured how well they were able to reach their goals. New measures were developed for strategic goals and integrated with existing measures. TSBDC personnel from all across the state were trained on the use of the new scorecard. As a result of COHRE's new strategic plan and training, TSBDC met accreditation requirements.